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Playing around in Photoshop

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Edit at 3pm EST: Thanks to +Jonathan Black for pointing out this link to an adobe staff member denying that CS2 is going out free:

Note - Adobe is being hammered right now so the links are mostly not working. Best bookmark the link and check back later in the day.

Follow the link to the adobe forum where the statement is made. However I've seen notes that the download page includes a serial number, which sounds dubious to me. I'll leave this post here, but please proceed with caution.

Original post kept for posterity:
Adobe's giving away CS2. I've seen some comments saying it doesn't play well with current Mac OS - but Windows machines are fine with it apparently. Anyway, no harm in downloading it to try it out.

If you want some tutorials on what to do with Photoshop once you've got it, I post tutorials on G+ ( and collate them on my blog:

#photoshop   #adobe    

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