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High quality BB guns, air guns, airsoft guns and more.
High quality BB guns, air guns, airsoft guns and more.

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PCP Starter - The Benjamin Discovery

For those looking to get started in the world of Pre-Charged Pneumatic or PCP airguns, but a little unsure about how to take the next step, consider the Benjamin Discovery.  The Discovery is
considered to be a starter gun into the PCP realm.  Some factors to consider.  First of all, price.  At under $500, it is relatively inexpensive as far as PCPs go, allowing you to get started at a lower cost and become familiar with PCPs before spending big bucks on a more
sophisticated model.  Secondly, the Discovery requires only 2000 psi of air unlike other PCPs which are rated in the area of 3000 psi or more.  What this does is make for easier use of the provided hand pump as opposed to a scuba tank or carbon fiber tank, which typically scares beginners away.  The nice thing is that you can easily migrate toward a scuba tank or carbon fiber tank when ready, with the purchase of a scuba tank adapter and associated fittings.  
Another nice option is that the Discovery allows for the use of CO2.  With the use of a CO2 adapter, a CO2 tank, like the ones used for paintball, can be utilized.  Purchasing a degasser tool is recommended to exhaust all of the air or CO2 out of the rifle before re-filling.  The Discovery was designed for ease of use with the beginner in mind but still provides the benefits of accuracy and power. 

Pardon Our Dust

If you've re-visited our website recently, you may have noticed a change in it's appearance. We are in the midst of a re-design. Please pardon our dust as we work through and iron out various issues during this change. Our intent is to have a better looking and more user friendly site in the end.

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Air Arms S510 TC Carbine

In line with our previous article on quiet, multi-shot, accurate air guns, we take a look at the Air Arms S510 TC Carbine.  Air Arms is a quality air gun manufacturer based in the UK..  The S510 is one of their signature models.  It is a PCP sidelever with a 2-stage adjustable trigger.  A unique feature of this gun is that it has adjustable power.  Another unique feature is its dual air tanks.  In addition, a shrouded barrel gives the S510 TC Carbine extra-quiet shooting.  With a 10 shot repeater capability, it is easy to fall in love with this one.  Check out this great review by the AirgunGearShow.

Quiet, Multi-shot & Accurate

A little while ago we received a request for an airgun that meets the following criteria: relatively quiet, multi-shot capability and fairly accurate.  Starting with multi-shot capability, there are really only two power plant options available; CO2 or Pre-Charged Pneumatics (PCP).  With CO2, particularly the cartridge type, power is limited.  That leaves PCP.  With PCP, accuracy is generally not an issue.  Most PCPs are very accurate with decent range.  The quiet factor is a little tougher to gauge.  Most air guns will emit a noticeable sound, some louder than others.  Here are some favored recommendations:

Beeman HW100
Benjamin Marauder
Air Arms S510

The Marauder is the cheapest, starting in the $500 range while the HW100 and S510 will run over $1,000.

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Benjamin Marauder Woods Walker

One of our favorites is the Benjamin Marauder Woods Walker air pistol.  It is one of the few air pistols that is suitable to take out for small game hunting.  It also comes with a detachable shoulder stock that allows for increased accuracy.  The primary benefit of this gun is that it is extremely portable yet packs enough punch at 700 fps for a .22 caliber to be taken seriously.    It measures about 18 inches in length and weighs about 2.7 lbs and has a sleek stylish look with the camo finish.  The 2-stage adjustable trigger is nice and the 11mm dovetail rail allows for mounting of a scope or sight.  It is also fairly quiet as far as airguns go.  Check out this video of Team Wild using the Benjamin Marauder Woods Walker for Woodland pest control. 

1889 Giffard Carbonic Gas Pistol

Caught an interesting episode of Pawn Stars the other night that featured the 1889 Giffard Carbonic Gas Pistol, a beautiful hand engraved air gun that apparently used a carbonic acid liquid as propellant.  According to the expert, only about 500 of these guns were made.  He valued the gun at $3,000.  This was based on the last sale which was for 1500+ British pounds, a little under $3,000 US.  The customer wanted $7,500.  Rick's offer was $2,500.  The customer relented and accepted the offer. 

From the same episode, a fun fact that was posted, paintball guns were originally developed in the 1970s for ranchers to mark cattle.

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Airsoft Tactical Training

One of the primary uses of airsoft guns is for Tactical training purposes.  As we have touched upon many times in previous articles, airsoft guns are ideal for tactical training because the guns are so realistic.  They can be handled like the real thing without the inherent danger that real firearms possess.  They can also be fired at individuals in tactical scenarios without injury, if done properly.  With cold weather temperatures limiting outdoor shooting and play, indoor training is a great alternative.  The average Joe can learn the strategies of trained professionals.  Some folks will take training classes for their own protection or doomsday preparation, others to improve CQB game play, some just out of curiosity.  Tac City in Southern California offers tactical training by a Navy Engineer with years of service in Navy Special Warfare.  Check it out.

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Pellet Selection

After reading a multitude of reviews and analyzing specifications, you've finally made a decision on which pellet gun to purchase, your first air gun.  You feel comfortable, excited and happy with your decision.  All you need is to add some ammo to your shopping cart. Get a ton of pellets and you're set.  If you're like most others, you click on pellets from the drop down menu and come across a variety of options that leave your head spinning, different calibers, grains, pellet shapes.  Which one to choose?  Check our article on pellet selection that will help ease the process for you.

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Gamo Whisper Fusion Pro

Gamo is one of the best known air gun companies in America today.  It is also regarded as the largest manufacturer of air guns in Europe.
Gamo is a company that originated in Spain and started producing air guns in 1961.  Its subsidiary, Gamo USA, emerged in 1995.  
Today Gamo is a comprehensive air gun company producing not only air guns but pellets, optics and other accessories.  It is known for their quality air rifles used for hunting and pest control.  The Gamo Whisper Fusion Pro is one such air rifle.  It is a single shot breakbarrel that Gamo has equipped with their trademarked features; Whisper Fusion, SWA (Shock Wave Absorber) and SAT (Smooth Action Trigger).  As the name implies, the Whisper Fusion is a noise dampener which is said to reduce report by 89.5%. The SWA or Shock Wave Absorber recoil pad claims a 74% reduction in recoil.  The SAT or Smooth Action Trigger is Gamo's version of the 2-stage adjustable trigger.  Check out this comprehensive review of the Gamo Whisper Fusion Pro by the
American Rifleman.

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4-H Shooting - A Great Way to Start

For young shooters looking to get into organized shooting sports, consider joining a 4-H Shooting Sports club.  They are present is just about every state.  4-H is an organization dedicated to the development of youth.  The 4-H Shooting Sports program is one such avenue 4-H uses to reach children and young adults.  Its clubs are open to youth ages 8 to 18.  They provide an opportunity to get learn archery, hunting, pistol and rifle shooting as well as marksmanship, gun safety and handling, all under the guidance of a certified instructor.  More importantly, youngsters are taught life skills to become better citizens.  Every year the 4-H holds its annual National Shooting Sports Invitational in the summer.  The 4-H is a great way to start young shooters off in shooting sports.  It may lead to a college scholarship air riflery or Olympic dreams.  Check out their website.
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