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🌶️🌶️Jayrseyshore Peppers🌶️🌶️

All current products listed below..
Updated weekly

🌶🌶🌶50/100 mix seeds 5$ special .. while supply last. Great for beginners or just to expand your pepper varieties. Unfortunately not sure what they are.. these where pick of the table during deseeding and combined them all.
50 mix rocoto seeds for 5$ 10 varieties.. 3 options
Red only
Yellow/Orange only
Mix red yellow Orange

100 mix of regular pepper seeds.. over 50 varieties 5$
Contact me on Hangouts..

Current updated list.
🌶️🌶️🌶️Pepper Seeds 🌶️🌶️🌶️
Prices below next to names..  
25 seeds in a pack
Free shipping to US resident
International shipping 3.80 for standard shipping. With tracking at additional cost.
(NR) not ready

2018 Pepper revised
7 pot bbg  chocolate 3
7 pot bbg red 3
7 pot bbg red Scorpion 3
7 pot bubblegum large 3
7 Pot Douglah 3
7 pot infinity 3
7 pot Jonah 3 (sold out)
7 Pot Katie 3
7 Pot Madballz 3
7 pot Rennie 3
7 pot white 3
7 Pot Yellow Brainstrain 3 (sold out)
Aji Amarillo 2
Aji Crystal 2
Aji Fantasy 2
Aji fantasy white 2
Aji Guyana 2
Aji Habanero 2
Aji lemon 2
Aji lemon red 2
Aji Limon 2
Aji Mango 2
Aji mango long 2
Aji Melocoton 2
Aji Melocoton white 2
Aji Omnicolor 2
Aji pineapple 2
Aji Rainforest 2
Anaheim 2
Ancho-poblano 2
Ancho-poblano long 2
Apocalypse 3
Apocalypse large 3
Apocalypse lava 3
Apocalypse x Brain 3
Bahamian Goat 3
Bell Orange 2
Bell Red 2
Bell yellow 2
Berry Amarillo 2
Bhut jolokia ghost 3
Bhut jolokia ghost 5 (isolated)
Bhut Jolokia White 3
Bhutlah Black 3
Bhutlah black X 3
Bhutlah DM red 3
Bhutlah Red 3
Big Mama mustard 3
Big Mama Red 3 (sold out)
Big yellow Mama 3
Bitch To x Douglah 3
Black Pearl 2
BMJR Bonda Ma Jacque Red 3
BMJY Bonda Ma Jacque yellow 3
Brainstrain chocolate 3
Brazilian ghost 3
Brazilian ghost yellow 3
Brazilian Starfish Red 2
BTR Scorpion 3
BTR x Ghost 3
Cali wonder bell 2 ..
California reaper 3
Caramel moruga x F1 3
Caramel reaper 3
Carbonaro 3
Carbonaro long 3
Carolina Reaper 3
Carolina Reaper 5 (isolated)
Cascabella 2
Cayenne Red 2
Cayenne Yellow 2
Chimayo 2
Chinese 5 color 2 (isolated)
Choco hab 3
Chocolate Bhutlah DM 3
Chocolate Bhutlah SM  3
Chocolate Fatali 3
Chocolate Moruga Scorpion 3
Chocolate Reaper 3
Chocolate Scorpion Brain 3
Chocolate scotch bonnet 3
Clavo peach 2
Clockwork Orange 3
Cola De Gallo 2
Corno Di Toro Orange 2
Cowhorn 2
Cubanelle 2
Cumari do para 2
Death spiral 3
Devil's Heart Red 3
Devil's Tongue Peach 3
Devil's Tongue Red 3
Devil's Tongue White 3
Devils tongue Yellow 3
Dorset Naga 3
Dorset Naga Yellow 3
Elephant ear 2
Fatalii Red 3
Fatalii White 3
Fatalii Yellow 3 (sold out)
Fatalii yellow x brain 3
Fish pepper 2
Fish Pepper Multicolor 2
Fresno Chili Red 2
Ghost Yellow 3
Giant Aconcagua 2
Gigante Brazilian white 2
Habanada 2
Habanero Mustard 3
Habanero neon yellow 3
Habanero Orange 3
Habanero Peach 2
Habanero Red 3
Havasu 2
Holland Bell 2 (sold out)
Hot banana 2
Hot Cherry Bomb 2
Hot datil 3
Italian long hots 2
Jalapeño Grande long 2
Jalapeño Grande round 2
Jamaican hot chocolate 3
Jamaican Hot Yellow 3
Jimmy Nardello 2
JPGS Jay's peach ghost scorpion 3
JPGS x Chocolate Ghost 3
JPGS x Primo 3 (NR)scorpion
JRGS Jays Red ghost 3  
Js Brazilian Fantasy 2
Js Brazilian Mango 2
Js Goat Scorpion BGxMS F3 3
Js Perteroni 2
Js Reaper Brain Chocolate 3
Js Reaper Brain red 3
Js Reapertali F2 3
Js Thaidello F1 2
Js Thairano F2 2
Js White Thai 2
Js white Thai pendant 2
Js Yellow Reaper large F3 3
Korean Gochu 2
KS lemon Starrburst (Free with any Purchase)
KS Misery sweet 2 (sold out)
KS Sweet misery 10seeds 2 (sold out)
Lava Red RFC 3
Little Elf 2
MA 7 Pot Pink 3
MA Wartryx 3
Mako Kokoo 2
Marconi  2
Mini bell red 2
MOA SB red 3
MOA SB yellow 3
MOA scotch bonnet saucer 3
MOA Scotch Bonnet tails 3 (sold out)
Moruga brain mustard 3
Moruga Yellow 3
Naga Black 3
Naga brain 3
NuMex Lemon Spice 2
NuMex Twilight 2
Orange Bleeder 3
Orange Cayenne 2
Orange jalapeno 2
Orange Neyde 2
Orange tiger mamp 3
Paixao Neyde 3
Peppadew Malawi Sundew 2
Pequin Long 2
Peter pepper 2
Pimenta Jolokia 3
Pimento branca 2
Pimento Sweet 2
Pink tiger x reaper 3
Primo 3
Primo x Boc 3
Puerto Rican Yellow 3 (sold out)
Puma lemon bbg 3
Puma red 3
Puma strawberry bbg 3
Reaper Brain 3
Reaper x Bhutlah SM 3
Reaper X chocolate Hab F2. 3
Reaper X Pink tiger 3
Reaper Yellow 3
Red Eclipse 3manzano
Red Savina Habanero 3
Red Savina large 3
Rouge Noir 3
Sandy Ornamental 2
SBJ7 scotch bonnet x 7 pot 3
Scorpion Cardi 3 (sold out)
Scorpion Orange 3
Scotch bonnet chocolate 3
Scotch bonnet Orange 3
Scotch bonnet peach 3
Scotch brain 3
Sepia Serpent Red 3
Serrano 2
Shishito 2
South Carolina Cayenne 2 (sold out)
SPL APxJT (Free with any purchase)
SPL BSxAP (Free with any purchase)
SPL BSxHab (Free with any purchase)
Sriracha factory Jalapeño 2
Submarine Habanero 2
Sugar Rush Peach SRP 2
Sugar rush red SRR 2
Sweet Apple 2
Tabasco 2
Tangerine dream 2
Tepin 2 (NR)
Tepin x lemon 2
Thai Orange 2
Thai Yellow 2
Thai Hot red 2
Trinidad Moruga Scorpion 3
Uchu Cream 2
White devils tail 3
White Ghost 3
White Peach long 2
Yellow Ratio 2

Rocotos/Manzano Rare Seeds
Aji largo 3.50
Aji Lucento 3.50
Arequipa Amarillo 4
Arequipeno Rojo 4
Cuzco Manzano Amarillo 4
Cuzco Manzano Rojo 4
Ecuador Red 3.50
Freeport Bum Manzano 3.50
La Huala Orange 3.50
Mini Red Rocoto (NR)
Mini Yellow Rocoto 3.50
Montufar 4
Orange 3.50
Peru Cusco 3.50
Pineapple Rocoto 3.50
Riesen Gelb 4 (sold out)
Rocoto Brown 4
Rocoto Oculto 4
Rocoto p360 4 (sold out)
San Pedro Orange 4
Santa Natalia 3.50
Yellow rocoto 4

🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️ Hot sauce is Out of stock until this fall.
Sorry for the inconvenience.. custom orders for chili oil only🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️

🌶️Hot Sauce/Chili Oil 🌶️
5$ a bottle plus sfrb/padded envelope shipping 7.25 .  The sfrb/padded envelope can hold up to 3 bottles. More than 3 I use medium flate rate box 13.65 it holds up to 10... I have all the listed sauce on the market place.. just let me know which ones you like.
No international shipping
Jbasco xx
Jamaican Jerk Sauce xx
Bhutlah BBQ xx
Blazing Pineapple xxx
Pineapple Hot xx
Pineapple Mild x
Strawberry Inferno xxx
Strawberry Hot xx
Strawberry Mild x
Devils Garlic xxx
Reapers Onion xxxx
Cajun Orange xx
Cajun Lava xxx
Molten Lava xxxx
Kiwi Verde x (N/A)
Blazing Verde xxx (N/A)
Brazilian Blueberry x

Hot Chili Oil x or xxx
5$ each

🌶️Pepper powders🌶️
2x2 zip bag 2$
4x4 5$
4x6 15$
US residents shipping 3.80 padded envelope holds 15 bags..
No international shipping
More milder powders coming soon
1-Carolina reaper
2-Yellow reaper
3-Chocolate bhutlah
4-Chocolate habanero
5-Super Hot Mix
6-Yellow Scotch bonnet
7-Aji pineapple, lemon,SRP
8-Red Savina habanero
9- Super Hot Mix Flakes
10- Red Ghost
11- Pepadew Flakes

Sold Out For The Season
🌶️Fresh Pods 🌶️
Small flat rate box (SFRB) of mix 20-30+ fresh pepper pods is 17.50$ shipped
One variety (SFRB) 22.50$ shipped.
Medium box (MFRB)55$ shipped 100+ mix pepper pods.
Large (LFRB) 85$ shipped 150+ mix pepper pods.

I ship Monday-Weds... That way you get it fresh from the weekend harvest.. end of the week delivery might get stuck over the weekend prolonging delivery. But I can always deliver any day by request.

I want you to join my group on MeWe:

I want you to join me on MeWe,

PayPal to using send money via friends and family   NOT purchase.. purchase has a fee. Or for easier payment hit the link
and I also need the address.

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2 potential KSLS contenders.. one was from the tail pheno and the other from the bonnet pheno..
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Onions are down.. and life begins in the aerogarden after 2 weeks..
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From Christmas.. All dead soldiers.. they didn't stand a chance..

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Shrimp tum yum soup with super hot flakes for a nice snowy day..

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Jayden waiting to go outside... Lol
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Looks like 3-4" at the Jersey shore.. still snowing though..

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While it's snowing outside I'm going to clean and sterilize trays... Fun fun fun..

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40% off on aerogardens right now.. if your into hydroponic growing..

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FYI...Those priority boxes are going up.. buy your stamps now before it goes up..
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