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I really love the new update, it is very well done!! One question, the original app has an off and off as well as a way to adjust the brightness for a scene. Is it possible to request this feature for a future update?

How do I save/edit the scene settings with a specific color and brightness? I can't seem to do that. Whenever I click a scene, it turns off all my lights.

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Super cool!
This year people searched for everything under the sun and beyond,  from distant comets to tiny burritos. And they asked Google important questions like, “where do we come from?” and “should I get married?”

That’s why today we’re launching our annual #YearinSearch , a look back at the searches, questions and moments that defined 2014.  

Watch the film, explore the site and relive the year along the way.

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The Internet belongs to everyone - and it's our job to protect it. Are you in? #freeandopen

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Win a FREE pass to +VMworld in #SF  Be sure to visit +CloudByte  booth #223 to see what other prizes we are raffling!

#NetNeutrality and an Open Internet is essential to maintaining a level playing-field for innovation. We call on the @FCC to protect it

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Today we've launched our preliminary website. The Scancash vision hopes to bring a new era to consumer and retailer loyalty rewards programs. Visit us at Follow us as we begin the journey towards revolutionizing the industry. #loyaltyrewards   #nfc  
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