Canadians, focus groups -- and TIME magazine -- go off the rails

Okay, not enough that some members of the focus groups (and post-revelation civilians) reviewing Canada's new $20 bills were kind of nutso in their observations, but TIME has to basically play along in echoing their arguments?

1. The memorial in questions was unveiled in 1936. Granted, it's in France, but I think the statute of limitations on "it's modern porn!" ran out a long time ago. Like, a whole World War ago. Like, if you can find a formal protest from the Canadian government to France in 1936 over this war memorial to Canadian fallen in WWI, then maybe, just maybe you have a point.

2. Really? Sculpture with nekkid (well, "semi-clad") classical women who represent Justice and Peace is ... pornographic? Who are these focus group members, John Ashcroft groupies?

3. Oh my gosh! It's a warlike theme! Well, actually, it's a memorial to Canadian war dead -- nothing glorifying or promoting war (indeed, anything but). Indeed, even peacekeepers get killed.

4. Really? Any two upright slabs of stone are now going to be condemned for being too reminiscent of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center? Really? I mean, is this 2002 or something? Get a grip, idjits.

Must have been a slow news day at TIME magazine. A shame they decided to cherry pick the most bizarro objections from Canadians about their new 20 dollar bill (aside from the fact that it's kind of ugly) to publish.
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