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I'm a work-in-progress
I'm a work-in-progress

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So I totally disappeared from G+ for a long time. But, I'm back. And I can't find hangouts. Do we not do that anymore? Can I search open ones? How do I know if you're all in some video chat talking about cats?

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Heading to Clearwater Beach for the week. Do I have any G+ friends in the area?

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Well, I'm never on here anymore because work keeps me so busy. I'm in NYC till Thursday. What should we do? And by do I mean eat and drink and thrift shop. 

What was the first word? I got distracted...

Anyone catch the 2nd sweepstake word?

What was the last thing Morgan said? I couldn't hear!

I don't know which screams are more intense, the ones from #TWD where people are viciously murdering each other with shears, or the ones from my husband in the living room, who is watching his first Pats game of season. 

No way are those chick zombies' hair that shiny and smooth at this point. Please.

I know I've been a ghost on here, life is keeping me busy.

Do I have any friends in the Bloomington, MN area that have a couch I could crash on that's super close to the St. Paul airport Hilton? 

Figured I'd try....
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