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If this question has been asked before, please redirect me. I couldn't find it by a keyword search.

I have a document — my birth certificate. This is a delayed printout of the original form. Does that make it derived?

If I can find my copy of the long form (I think it was issued to me at some time in my youth) is this also a derived document?

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I have to share a feature I just "found"! in Evidentia (probably over 75% of you know this, but there are newbies here also).

I was doing the "relevant to" connections for a census, and I realized that I had missed entering the "can read" and "can write" entries for my grandmother. It made me wonder what else I may have missed.

So I checked out the reports. You can place a a subject in the subject field, and then do a research summary report. It will show you all the strengths and all the weaknesses in your research to date. Match this with your research plan and your research log, and you will have a very good picture of your research on that individual.

This is a great tool for researchers. Thank you, Ed.

Questions about optimal use and correct references for using Evidentia for a specific census page.

1900 Census, Wabash County Indiana:
(A.) The way the census record is written "Rebecca Lautzenheiser" is recorded as "Aunt" to head of household. She is truly his aunt-in-law. Of course the correction to this misstatement is part of the proof argument. The clear claim here is "Rebecca is aunt to head of household" and I'm comfortable with that. My problem lies in evaluation sources with a know error. A digital microwave image is for our purposes, original, the source is indeterminable (neither primary or secondary), and the erroneous statement is direct. — Is that correct?

(B.) The first page shows two families from my family tree. I reference the source to everyone on the page in my software. (That is, every member of both families will be shown as having "Source 12." But the family of my grandfather's aunt does not yet show up on my database. My research log and my To-Do list will direct me to return to this source when I reach searching that family. Is it also useful to use the personal notes area of Evidentia to tell me to come add the claims for the other family in Evidentia?

"Stupid question" (as in you feel stupid needing to ask): The 1940 census tells who gave the information. I feel it is important to note this, because you can choose "primary" or "secondary" instead of "Intermediate." What I cannot do is figure out how to tag this information.

Can anyone help me on this?

I have been entering data from the newspaper obituary notice of my father's death.

The information in this notice came from my stepmother (and from me) plus the service and burial information from the funeral home. I was with my stepmother when she dictated the information to the person at the funeral home. Does this make the date of death, the relationships listed, and the types of service and place of burial primary?

Is there a place within Evidentia for listing place of burial or for listing date of burial?

Finally, the obituary lists a Rose Croix service to be performed at the Funeral home the day before the burial. This statement shows that my father was a member of the Scottish Rite (and of an earlier membership in a blue lodge). Membership in these masonic orders should be registered somewhere. How do I do this?

Please take this in the spirit that is meant!

It's Sunday night and I'm lonely — there isn't any hangout about Mastering Genealogical Proof!

And DearMYRTLE and all her hard-working panelists deserve to rest after doing such great jobs.

BUT I'm STILL lonely!

Strictly speaking this question isn't about Evidentia, but about how much information we need to record, but Evidentia called this to my attention.

Case 1: my husband's great-aunt is a lodger in the household in the 1930 census. The great-aunt is a practical nurse and the head of household is a 70-year old woman. The great-aunt may be acting as a care-taker for the female head of household. Do my recording of claims need to include information about this female head?

Case 2: the dwelling number for my grandfather's house lists 2 families. I have listed all the data for the people in my grandfather's household. The other family rent space from my grandparents. Do I simply record the income from that rental as a part of my grandfather's information?  Or do I include information about the tenants?

I believe that in both cases, the only relationship involved is the business relationship between renters/roomer and the heads of household.

On August 19, you started a discussion about Evidentia in the cloud. This discussion prompted me to put Evidentia in Dropbox. So when my hard drive froze, I was in fine shape (I thought). But it turns out that an alias of Evidentia is what is in the cloud. What do I need to do to get Evidentia itself stored in Dropbox?

Hardware: MacBook Pro with 2.2 GHz Intel Core i7 processor
Software: OS X 10.8.4

Thank you for any help you can give me.

Ed, I've been entering 1930 census sources into my copy of Evidentia and I believe that I have found a typo. As I fill out the source template, the top  form shows "1930" and the lower form shows "1940."  If I'm reading this correctly, you probably wish to fix this?
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