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You are supposed to take home the hotel shampoos/soaps. That's why they're travel mini size.

Did you know airplanes are heated? At 35000, there's little heat and no moisture. Drink water to stay hydrated, and wrap up to keep warm!

Ring that call bell in flight? Quickest way to make flight attendants hate you. Unless you are in dire emergency, of course.

Keep healthy while away. A jump rope takes up very little space, and can be a great cardio workout in the park!

Cash is king. Stash a few US Dollars, Euros or British Pounds with you in case of emergencies. 'Strong currency' is fairly universal.

A lightweight scarf is multifunctional: keep warm, accessorise, use as an eye mask, makeshift pillow, emergency towel, dust shield...

Going abroad? Remember to turn off your mobile/roaming data on your phone to avoid fees.

Snacks. Always bring some. Plus, sharing them with your cabin crew may get you an extra free drink on board.

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When packing your bag, roll your clothes for space efficiency. Need a bit of organisation? Try packing cubes!

No one likes jet-lag. After landing, grab a drink in an airport coffee shop to get your bearings. You'll be glad for the 10-minute break!
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