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In The Beginning...
Hi there. A couple of things keep popping up at work so I thought I'd touch on them here just in case anyone is still reading (aside from who or what ever is spamming my comments!). Look at your plans . Really LOOK at them. If you don't understand something...

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We have a backyard!
So the job with the builder seems to be going well. I'm still learning exactly what goes on behind the scenes but it's nice to be able to help people and make them feel more involved in the process. The less worry, the better it is for everyone. Everyone in...

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Fences delivered. Now to install!
How have I left it so long between blogs! I turn on the computer to add an entry, and then we end up looking at pavers, fences, concrete, turf name it! Like this post. I wrote that first sentence half an hour ago, and Stephen came in saying we s...

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The joys of moving in - Part II
After a couple of days, one of our neighbours came over with
a box of chocolates to introduce herself. How lovely! We have met the majority
of people living in the houses we can see. Makes you feel more at home, safer
and more community oriented I guess. Th...

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The joys of moving in - Part I
We had our site meeting with the SS at 7:30am. Paul has been
amazing. If any of you are in our area and you manage to get him, you will be
in good hands. We went through everything and the only issues were a downpipe
and electrical. We were done in about 45...

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Things we didn't consider...
We noticed a few things at the house that seemed odd...or we just didn't think about them. Not complaining, just thought that it might be worth mentioning in case these were things that anyone might be overlooking, or interested in. The Doorbell Ours sits h...
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