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Social Studies in the Air...
Imagine a
class where students find the content personally meaningful. A class where
students are able to see a transfer from the content learned and their own lives.
One reason I became a teacher was because my childhood was marked by classroom

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The Life of Sadie- This I Believe
For the few years after my husband and I got married, friends, family and acquaintances would ask us, “when are you going to have children?” They would tell us stories about how wonderful it is to have children, how they “complete your life” and how “you’ll...

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NPR- When Parents are the Ones Distracted by Devices

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Link to my NEW website :)
Mrs. DeMelo's Geography Class

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We Need to Talk...
Every passing generation brings with it a slew of changes and societal shifts that are often seen as frightening and overwhelming to those who are not wrapped up in these new movements. For millennia many parents have looked at the time their children are l...

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"Miles of Aisles of Sexism"- Taking a Second Look at Children's Toys
I remember being a child and have a million different plastic toys that I played with. We actually had an office/room in the house dedicated to toy storage. The room was a constant disaster, a mix of piles of blue and pink, red and green. It looked similar ...

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Google Forms Experiement

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Brave- A follow up to Disney World
In my last post I wrote about how Disney films should be looked at with a critical eye and that I believe children should be taught how to use a critical lens (as opposed to being subjected to constant censorship). After watching the film Brave, I feel that...

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It's a Disney World
Like most young girls in the United States, I grew up watching Disney movies. I think I probably dressed up like a Disney princess for Halloween one year, I may have been Cinderella. I honestly don'r remember which character I was. Although I liked Disney, ...
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