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Science Publishing Group is an independent international publisher of 100+ open access, online, peer-reviewed journals covering a wide range of academic disciplines.
Science Publishing Group is an independent international publisher of 100+ open access, online, peer-reviewed journals covering a wide range of academic disciplines.

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Did you read about the possibility of a new planet in our solar system? Is Planet Nine real? Our head of Planetary Science discusses.

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Investigation of Effect of Rock Storage System Parameters on Thermal Cooling Performance
Authors: Alex Xavery Matofali, Estomih S. Massawe
The authors investigate the effects of key parameters of the rock bed system on thermal cooling performance of the system after a fixed time of operation. The method of solving the mathematical model uses a semi-discretization finite difference approximation for discretizing space in solid problem domain. A finite element approximation is used in the fluid problem domain. Graphical results on the effects of parameter variation on damping and time delay on the peaking of the outlet air temperature through the bed are presented and discussed.
Read full research paper in Applied and Computational Mathematics:

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Capacity For Memory is Ten Times Greater Than Previously Thought

Salk researchers and collaborators have achieved critical insight into the size of neural connections, putting the memory capacity of the brain far higher than common estimates. The new work also answers a longstanding question as to how the brain is so energy efficient and could help engineers build computers that are incredibly powerful but also conserve energy.

The research is in eLife. (full open access)

#memory #hippocampus #neuroscience

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New Algorithm for N-jobs on M-machine Flow Shop Scheduling Problems
Authors:  Geleta Tadele Mohammed
Because of flow shop scheduling is one of the most important problems in the area of production management, In this paper, what I have did is that, I have developed a new algorithm for n-jobs m-machine flow shop scheduling problem for special case of n-jobs m-machine flow shop scheduling problem. And also, there is a good self explanatory example to explain the algorithm very well.
Read full research paper in Applied and Computational Mathematics:

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Evidence of a real ninth planet discovered:

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The Imaginary Mass Lambda-CDM Model
Authors: Jason Cole
The Lambda-CDM (Cold Dark Matter) standard cosmological model is the generally accepted model of modern cosmology. However, many questions remain such as it doesn’t explain what Dark matter or Dark Energy is and what it is made of. Also to be the premier cosmological model it can't explain why we see no antimatter in the universe. This paper attempts to answer those questions and many more by incorporating FTL imaginary mass (Tachyons) into the Lambda-CDM (Cold Dark Matter).
Read full research paper in American Journal of Modern Physics:

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Human and Animal Research Gap Bridged by Memory Test for Alzheimer's

Study seeks to improve translation of Alzheimer's disease studies with virtual version of the Morris water maze -- the most commonly used memory assessment in mice.

The research is in Journal of Clinical Investigation. (full open access)

#research #alzheimers #memory

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The Use of Coatings to Obtainthe Diffusion Layer on the Walls of Molds
Authors: Gerasimova Alla, Radyuk Aleksandr Germanovich
In this work diffusion layers on narrow walls of crystallizers removed from service were created by aluminium spraying on M1 copper and МН2, 5КоКрХ copper alloy with subsequent heat treatment for increasing of life time of crystallizers in continuous casting machines. Layer thickness and microhardness have been assumed as basic measure of serviceability. To clarify the reasons of reducing the thickness of the diffusion layer on the copper alloy МН2, 5КоКрХ were conducted metallographic and microengineering research. The coating was applied on the wall alloy МН2, 5КоКрХ, the diffusion layer microhardness was measured on microthermometry PMT-3. 
Get the results in International Journal of Materials Science and Applications:

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Money donated to stockpile leading Ebola vaccine:

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High Pressure Property Relationship Chart of Crude Oil and Its Application in Offshore Oil Fields Reserve Estimation
Authors: Li Hua, Peng Xiaodong, Tong Luyi, Li Hao, Lu Yan
Formation oil high pressure property parameters are essential to the reserve estimation and development plan compilation of oil fields. Due to the high cost and safety concerns of offshore oilfields, only a small amount of PVT samples can be obtained from exploration wells and appraisal wells, in some cases, there will be no samples or samples cannot present the actual conditions like degas. To solve the difficulty of obtaining high pressure property parameters during the appraisal stage of offshore oilfields, this article raised a new analogy method: high pressure property relationship chart. 
Read full research paper in International Journal of Oil, Gas and Coal Engineering:
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