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Bernadette Klein
Don't judge me by my past - I don't live there anymore.
Don't judge me by my past - I don't live there anymore.

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Hello kind folks of this community and thank you for the invitation!
I've been way to sloppy in connecting with social networks but I'll try and get a grip on myself and use these awesome resources more from now on. (maybe this is my first new year's resolution?)

A little bit about me: I am the writer of the webcomic "The Bess Effect", which can be found here:
It is drawn by my wonderful husband Papa Rabe, who makes some other comics as well, all of which can be found under
The comics are all in German and have been translated by yours truly, as my main profession is that of a translator (I hope this text doesn't defy my claim of having ample knowledge of the English language too seriously).
As I said before, I'm pretty much of a newbie when it comes to social networks so please bear with me. I am looking forward to getting to know all the creative people in this community and wish you a successful and empowering year 2013!
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