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Kohulan Rajan
Be kind and spread love
Be kind and spread love


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Sometimes i do cry..
Rhythms became meaningless and heartbeat became meaningful, Silence became limitless and my life became beautiful... night's darkness slowly killing inside me, Saddest dreams are trying to haunt me... Lost my shadows just losing my faith to, when you hurt m...

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She Is The One..
It’s been awhile now, that I didn’t write anything, I mean I
didn’t write a proper story. So I thought of starting to write a small series.
I asked some of my friends that what genre I should write in and they all told
Romance would be better. Yeah, because...

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A Stranger In Pune: Survival of the Fittest
Chapter 3: The conclusion A year of patience, continuous calls, messages, rejection
and heart breaks.. “Ha Ha” I am not talking about a love story, you people and I’m
not going to talk such. Don’t worry, just settle down as I try to finish the
conclusion of...

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A Stranger in Pune - Rough Rides
Chapter 2 After so much running, traveling the tiredness grasped me
and made me sleep so long that even the drizzling weather which gave an awesome
atmosphere that knocked me out for several hours, but my sleep’s bigger enemy “my
alarm clock” woke me up wit...

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A Stranger in Pune - Stuggle and survival
Chapter 1 It’s been a year that I didn't write anything but just
poems, I don’t know what kept me or what stopped me from writing, when it’s
been my true companion where I express myself fully without any hesitation. Every time when we try to talk with some...

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