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Elif ceren
i am turkish and i love to read also i love my dog and cat
i am turkish and i love to read also i love my dog and cat


there are some people who are nice is this world like ben or Kenia or maryjo or rj these people I call my friends. they are nice people who are there for you and who want the best for you. as I want the same thing for them. having nice people in your life is a plus to have and who are caring and kind.
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i love my dog titus  but when it comes too drinking water he is just lazy he lays down and drinks water.
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I started living in the town part of Norway. I lived where there was trees and no people around me. I like going to the café and I like walking the street of our little town. when I walk the titus he is scared and wants to go back home. titus is like what was that sound. I have a scared puppy. he is sleeping now all cute and making dreaming sounds.
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having friends who don't put you down are the way to go in life. i just have this friend who told me my  husband is going to hit me and just divorce me when we have kids. then she said that don't come to me crying.  then she says that she wants to not get married and when she wants kids she is going to make them go to her boyfriends house on the weekends and she is going to make them live with her full time and i am thinking this thing called a relationship or marriage is a partnership. i am thinking you where in my wedding i have known you for 14 years. now how can you say that. i was mad at her and i am mad at her. i have had friends for 6 years who care about me more and i love seeing them. i know now that i want positivity in my life and i know having positivity friends and people is the way to go. :)
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