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I finally got Jelly Bean! I'm very disappointed that it still can't understand "navigate to <contact name> home."
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I just put it back on my phone a couple days ago...damn that is a great OS upgrade. Google knocked that shit out of the park.
Is the action taken after recognizing the speech chosen by a local piece of software? I'm curious how difficult it would be to just add that.
+Nick Mooney It doesn't even need to be local -- contact information is synced to Google, after all. (Local services do have the ability to add search results, though my understanding is that one of the patents Apple is targeting Android with may cause them to withdraw that functionality).
+Charles Duffy My point, though, is that if the decision regarding what to do with the speech is handled locally, one could write an extension to the speech engine easily. If that's handled server-side, we can't just add a "navigate to <contact name> home" option.