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I've been asked several times for links to various #GNUnet  papers. Here they are in somewhat chronological order.

An Encoding for Censorship-Resistant Sharing:

gap - Practical Anonymous Networking:

An Excess-Based Economic Model for Resource Allocation in Peer-to-Peer Networks:

Bootstrapping of Peer-to-Peer Networks:

R5N : Randomized Recursive Routing for Restricted-Route Networks:

Efficient and Secure Decentralized Network Size Estimation:

Design and Implementation of a Censorship Resistant and Fully Decentralized Name System:

Decentralized Evaluation of Regular Expressions for Capability Discovery in Peer-to-Peer Networks:

Design of a Social Messaging System
Using Stateful Multicast:

CADET: Confidential Ad-hoc Decentralized
End-to-End Transport