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Future table! I want this so much!

In modern agricultural politics, organic farming and genetic engineering occupy opposite ends of the spectrum. In the Ronald-Adamchak household, the world is not so black and white. Ronald is a professor of plant pathology at the University of California, Davis. Adamchak manages the student-run organic farm on campus. Together, they're exploring the juncture where their methods can (and they argue, should) meet to ensure environmentally sustainable food production. Revealing common principles and "leveling the playing field," this book roughly chronicles one year in the lives of the Ronald-Adamchak family. Through dialogue with friends and family, the authors thoughtfully explore the use of GE agriculture and the concerns expressed by consumers. They discuss the contents of their own largely organic pantry, what they choose to feed their children, and how over the last ten years of their marriage, they have developed a specific criteria for the use of GE in agriculture. From their personal vantage points, Ronald and Adamchak explain what geneticists and organic farmers actually do, and help readers distinguish between fact and fiction in the debate about crop genetic engineering. Loosely organized by season, each section of the book addresses a different issue related to the role of GE and organic farming in food production. Raoul provides a farmer's view of the philosophy and practice of organic farming and how it differs from conventional agriculture; Pam describes the tools and processes of genetic engineering, as well as  the potential ecological benefits and risks of using GE technology to generate new crop varieties. At the end of the book, they describe one of their typical family dinners, explain their choice to bring both genetically engineered and organic food to their table, and share some of their family's best recipes.

"Open-minded opponents of GE might read Pamela Ronald's and Raoul Adamchak's "Tomorrow's Table." Ronald, a plant biologist, and Adamchak, an organic farmer, argue that GE and organic farming are not only compatible, but can enhance one another."-Donald Wilkerson, guest opinion on, July 30, 2009.
"This book is a tale of two marriages. The first is that of Raoul and  Pam, the authors, and is a tale of the passions of an organic farmer and a plant genetic scientist. The second is the potential marriage of two technologies-organic agriculture and genetic engineering. ...  Like all good marriages, both include shared values, lively tensions, and reinvigorating complementarities. [The authors] share a strong sense of both the wonder of the natural world and how, if treated with respect and carefully managed, it can remain a source of inspiration and provision of our daily needs."--Sir Gordon Conway KCMG FRS, Professor of International Development, Centre for Environmental Policy, Imperial College, London, and past President of the Rockefeller Foundation, from his foreword.
"Here's a persuasive case that, far from contradictory, the merging of genetic engineering and organic farming offers our best shot at truly sustainable agriculture. I've seen no better introduction to the ground truth of genetically engineered crops and the promising directions this 'appropriate technology' is heading."--Stewart Brand, creator of the Whole Earth Catalog
"Whether you ultimately agree with it or not, Tomorrow's Table brings a fresh approach to the debate over transgenic crops."--Michael Pollan, author of In Defense of Food and The Omnivore's Dilemma
"Welcome as water in the desert-at a time when partisans compete to see who can deliver the hardest slam against those who think differently, what a welcome surprise to find this book building bridges between unnecessary antagonists. The developers of crops improved through biotechnology and the practitioners of organic agriculture want the same thing-a way to grow food that helps farmers tread more gently on the land. Ronald and Adamchak explain how simpatico these two approaches are at heart. For a future that will bring unprecedented challenges we will need all the tools we can muster. Tomorrow's Table shows how organic and biotech can coexist and complement one another. Bravo, and bring on Volume II."--L. Val Giddings, President, PrometheusAB
"A unique, personal perspective on the ways in which genetically enhanced crops can improve wholesome agricultural productivity, helping to achieve the low chemical inputs that are the goal of organic agriculture and of those who care about our environment and health. Highly recommended."--Peter H. Raven, President, Missouri Botanical Garden
"With the world’s population projected to grow some 50 percent by mid-century, rigorous agricultural planning becomes indispensable to forestall the onset of ecological and human disaster. Ronald and Adamchak, a wife-husband team from the University of California at Davis, combine the training and insights of a geneticist and the know-how of a committed organic farmer. They examine the often-passionate debate about genetically engineered food and how it may affect the food supply of the future, meticulously dissecting arguments for and against such application of science. This wildly eccentric book juxtaposes deep scientific analysis of genetically engineered agriculture with recipes for such homey kitchen staples as cornbread and chocolate chip cookies. In a marvelously useful table, they outline a history of biological technology from 4000 BC through the dawn of the twenty-first century. A glossary of agricultural genetics and an extensive bibliography supplement the text." —Mark Knoblauch, Booklist, April 1, 2008
"Genetically-engineered versus organically-grown. It’s a choice often framed as being between science and nature, but it’s a false one, says this wife-husband team. In a literal marriage of two entrenched camps, Ronald, a plant genomics researcher at UC Davis, and Adamchak, an organic gardener, shed light on the unfounded fears of gene modification and the merits a more-holistic approach to agriculture. Recipes include “Sticky Rice with GE Papaya” and “Isolation of DNA from Organically Grown Strawberries.” - Seed Magazine

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💕 💙 💜 💖 💛 💗 💚 ❤ 😍 Good Morning, Good Afternoon & Good Evening to all my friends out there Globally*! 😍 ❤ 💚 💗 💛 💖 💜 💙 💕

I make you this promise our love will never fade it will be the sharpest blade of the highest grade, our love is like the ocean It will never stop going and be endlessly flowing, our love is like a star it will never stop shining, our love is like a sun that will never go down, our love is like a Dimond strong hard and beautiful, our love is like the heavens it will always be divine, our love is like a song that will never end, our love is like a summer that will never end, our love is a chain that will never break, our love is a like a mystery that will never be solved, our love is like a party that will never end, our love is like pride it will never bend every time we talk I fall in love again love like this will never end, our love is pure and will never diminish, our love has a start but not a finish, our love only happen once in a life time, love like this is hard for people to understand love like ours is in demand, our love is rare and hard to find love like this has the power to change heart body soul and mind love like is only found in books or movies, our love is like a flash of light it happen quick, our love is a cure to our pain and sadness, our love is like a kiss that both soft and sweet love like ours can't be passed around and should never be held down, love like ours is a beast that can't be defeated like a song that can never be repeated like a bird with wings that can't be clipped, our love is like a wine it gets sweeter with time, our love is like a drug we constantly need our fix, our love will never end, our love is like a willow it bends but never breaks, our love is like a metal that's impossible to break like a tower that's impossible to shake, our love is like a flame the more we feed it the stronger it gets, our love is food only we can eat, our love is a set of Dimond ring we wear with pride and never hide, our love is the sound of our children running around and screaming, our love is us laying next to each other every night and waking up every morning, our love is the feel of a genteel kiss placed on your soft sweet lips, our love is the of fights that would tear other couples apart but only make us stronger and closer, our love is me holding you in my arms every night and wrapping them around you every day, our love is the best I will never stop loving you...that my promise to you.

💕 💙 💜 💖 💛 💗 💚 ❤ 😍 Thank You 😍 ❤ 💚 💗 💛 💖 💜 💙 💕

Love infinite and most pure
Love unmatched, indescribable
Love divine born in flesh and blood
Love celestial in mundane terrains
Love that dispels all darkness
Love that won over death
Love that triumphed over evil
Love that redeemed mankind
Love that was crucified for saving man
Love exemplary that displayed total obeisance
Love that suffered without any expectations
Love that experienced a creature's life on earth
Love that made the earthly clay, heavenly
Love that longs to embrace all purified souls
Love that wrought miracles upon earth
Love that showed Almighty's omnipotence
Love that created heaven for righteous souls.  

💕 💙 💜 💖 💛 💗 💚 ❤ 😍 Thank You 😍 ❤ 💚 💗 💛 💖 💜 💙 💕

Before me is a sum
And the mathematics is on my shoulder
Minus, minus, plus, minus, minus, plus
is the formulae.

How do you win the heart of a virgin girl?
All you have to do is sing a love anthem
and recite the pledge
Thus it goes
‘if you find her romantic eye's skipping Your eyes, find a rose.
And when your rose find out she wears a heart
be sure there is a kind of man she likes'.

Maybe he's the kind who sings like a Nightingale
And call her name in every rhyme
Maybe he's the kind who smiles all time
and sweet in touch as a hive.

Maybe he's the kind who plays on shores
and have her not to every chores
Maybe he's the kind who's worthy of trust
and mindful of breasts and not.

So is the sum
If she is one, and you are one, find her not
If she is touch and you are rough, rush her not
Sure, if I can sing

To call her name in every rhyme
to smile with her
all the time as her kind
I am sure, I am that very man

💕 💙 💜 💖 💛 💗 💚 ❤ 😍 Thank You 😍 ❤ 💚 💗 💛 💖 💜 💙 💕

I've met a girl
Rozanne her name.
Within I feel new strength unfurl
And I'm no more the same.

Strange to myself, now am I
Renewed in mind and heart,
My load lighter than before, and why? -
Her magic weaves its art.

Recipient me
Of friendship's gift
Strength-giver she
Sure, true and swift
As ever friend could be.

By her, unaware, is it arranged
That life comes anew into a soul,
And so is lonesomeness estranged;
A life reacquainted with it's goal.

💕 💙 💜 💖 💛 💗 💚 ❤ 😍 Thank You 😍 ❤ 💚 💗 💛 💖 💜 💙 💕

Love is a joy
Higher than a mountain peak
Love is a sorrow
Deeper than an ocean streak

Love is a morrow
Brighter than the sunshine
Love is an eve
Darker than the dusky mine

Love is an alloy
Mixture of shining emotions
Love is the mud
Trodden by the feet of traditions

Love is a bird
Flying on the wings of hopes
Love is a prey
Shot on the painful slopes

Love is a dream
Watched by the open sights
Love is a nightmare
Horrifying in the lone nights

Love is a friendship
Bound by unknown pact
Love is an enmity
Shattered by unbelievable tact

Love is the air
An untamed, soft, living feel
Love is a fire
Gulping with monstrous zeal

💕 💙 💜 💖 💛 💗 💚 ❤ 😍 Thank You 😍 ❤ 💚 💗 💛 💖 💜 💙 💕

Love does not cost a thing
Why demand so much to tarnish it
Love does not lead astray
Love will always stay
Love is not separation
Love is protection
Love is not distraction
Love is attraction
Love is not bitterness
Love is forgiveness
Love is not cheating or betrayal
Love is self denial
Love is not pretense
Love is patience
Love is not eyes service
Love is sacrifice
Love is not ashamed
Love will always take the blame
Love is not corrupt or cover up
Love does not give up
Love will hold unto the end
Love is not ungrateful
Love is faithful
Love does not fail
Love is perfect
Love does not walk away
Love will always stay
Love speaks through the eyes
Love touches through her smile
Love is specially made
Love does not defile
Love is pure
The eyes of love speaks more than words
Her countenance shine more than light
Love is wise tender and calm
Love is a virtue true and divine
Love is not of this world
Love is somewhere beyond the blue

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Enough is enough! Later this Caturday...
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