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Joshua Rapp
UX/UI Designer, Podcaster, and Web Enthusiast
UX/UI Designer, Podcaster, and Web Enthusiast

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Currently seeking a #Swift #iOS #developer responsible for the development and maintenance of a #mobile application. Anyone out there?

I'm in the process of trying to setup event tracking on button clicks to associate with a unique ID that is assigned to a user per session once they enter their Name and Email (since GA will not track personal info).

For example:
ID 018345: Question 01 - 'marked correct'
                    Question 02 - 'marked incorrect'

Is there a way to assign multiple unique ID's per session(based on email and name) , so that I can track the users responses?

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PhishMe is looking for front-end developers to join our engineering team! Competitive salary and benefits! Help me fill this position guys. #ux   #ui   #designerd  

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One man is the entire orchestral ensemble in this video and it's pretty interesting. Worth a watch

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Do you love design and security as much as I do? PhishMe is looking for a Jr. Web Designer based in the UK. Interested parties please check out the link.

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Working on a bit of a challenge and your input is valuable. #html5   #canvas   #flash  

I have a qualified realty lead based out of Florida, seeking SEO and SEM work. This isn't really my wheelhouse and I was wondering if anyone might be interested in taking this project on. If so, please comment below to let me know. 

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Look what showed up in my mailbox today! My custom #3DPrinted PhishMe tie clip courtesy of ForgeJAX. Thanks guys.

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A little while ago I began writing a whitepaper about the experience design process that quickly turned into a manifesto of sorts. Now I've turned it into a tumblog so the possibilities and the reach of the UX manifesto are endless. Check it out for yourself and contribute to the conversation.
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