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Is there a table of distances anywhere, from city to city in the crossroads?

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Looking for an inexpensive endless supply of RPG art, tiles, tokens? I need your support to keep doing what I do - designing hundreds of new tiles for RPG inc, modern, sci-fi and war-gaming. I just opened a Patreon account. For $5 a month I'll email you a 10x10" Terrain Mat Design monthly. $10 will get you 2 per month. For $20 I'll email you 2 x 10x10" graphic designs, one of a building, one of terrain + 2 10x10" dungeon floor or war-gaming tile graphics, 2 x 5x5" tiles and 4 smaller tiles and tokens for your game - twice every month. More rewards on my profile.

Kind Regards,
Kris McDermott

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