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I am delighted introduce Petra Baumgartner to everyone as the new National Coordinator for UBUNTU Austria. Please
join the new Facebook group crated and support the growth of the
Austrian movement as you can. UBUNTU Planet Austria

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Inspirational Message For a New World of Abundance
Here are some inspirational artistic messages created by Matthew Luscombe in the UK . Please share them as you need, and spread the UBUNTU message. Thank you again Matthew for your wonderful contribution to the UBUNTU movement.  In unity Michael Tellinger. ...

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Michael Tellinger - Hidden Origins - European Tour April-May 2017
HIDDEN ORIGINS and Vanished Civilisations of Southern Africa - Advanced technology of the ancients. I will be touring several countries in the EU during April and May 2017
- I plan to visit Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Norway, France,
Ireland, England an...

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Calling All Conscious Farmers.
Join up with the UBUNTU movement
representatives in your countries and initiate a new phase of growing
organic food and seeds for the world. Let the UBUNTU members be the
distributors of the food and seeds for future food security and
prosperity. This i...

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UBUNTU Office Needs Urgent Support
Urgent call to support the UBUNTU Head Office with funding. Firstly
I need to thank all the people who generously supported me in
establishing the UBUNTU movement over the past 8 years. Your donations and many other means of
support have allowed us to gr...

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But what kind of WORLD will they inherit? Most young people today know that there is something dramatically wrong with our world - our socio-economic system, and especially our justice system. There is no justice for the people. Most young people can sense ...

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Everything We've Been Told is a Lie
all born equal That I was
born FREE That my
education will give me knowledge and wisdom That my university
degree would bring me life-long security That our
history books are accurate and true That we evolved...

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Calling UBUNTU Supporters in IRELAND
Please join UBUNTU Ireland today and get involved in creating prosperity
and abundance for everyone in this beautiful country. Contact the
UBUNTU IRELAND Coordinators here: Gary Nicholl in the North Side and Sarah Machon in the South Side - email for both...

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One Small Town WILL Change The World
Launch of UBUNTU "One Small Town Will Change The World" - USA Campaign. It gives me great joy, on behalf of the UBUNTU USA team, to launch our
new strategy for 2017 and our simple plan of action, which we call ONE SMALL
TOWN, Will Change The World. Our ob...

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UBUNTU New Year’s Message from Michael Tellinger
It is with deep
honour and gratitude that I thank all our UBUNTU members and supporters
in over 144 countries, those who have embraced the spirit of UBUNTU and
Contributionism and are spreading the message everywhere. A special
thank you all those who h...
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