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Had an awesome time at the bama beating up on LSU. 

Well one thing  you can take away from the game and watching the final game. ..Kiffin just needs to learn that to win...."Just run the Dang BALL" Ya one thing you can say is Urban knows how to recruit and knows how to put a team together thats for sure. Tide will be back.

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Here is my back progress in just a little over a month... Started to focus more on my back at the gym. Pic on the left is December 5, 2014 and the pic on right was taken January 8, 2015. Long from where I want to be but love the progress I am seeing.

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Did anyone else see this article I ran across it this morning.
I dont think he would ever materialize into a QB...I honestly dont think coker is ever going to materialize I am thinking its possibly going to be either Barnet, Cornwell, or Bateman as the next QB. Anyone else's thoughts?

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Enjoyed my birthday dinner and also enjoyed my birthday cake

Takeaway from yesterday's game
1. Bama is no longer the runaway favorites and we are going to get everyone's best shot especially on the big stage. No more beating up teams from these other conferences as talent becomes more diverse. 
2. Yes Blake Sims made some mistakes but he has been the unquestioned leader of this team regardless what all of the so called "fans" think of him. To think he is the worst QB that has come from Alabama is ABSURD. Many, Many times he has kept plays alive with his ability to escape traffic.
3. Also to call Lane Kiffin a joke has not seen the past couple of years with the predictable play calling. 
4. Bama will be back and better..hopefully these corners will be ready...(Tony Brown, Marlon Humphrey, and now Kendall Sheffield...Cyrus Jones will be back)
5. Hoping Reggie Ragland doesn't jump ship and go to NFL..valuable player and hope Reuben can learn defense because he is a head hunter. 
6. Why does Derrick Henry only play hard in Sugar Bowl???
7.Ohio State came to play and Bama didn't want it more than they did. 

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Well we got a good start on the recruiting trail. We finally got some track stars for DB's...lets hope that translates on the field production.
Roll Tide...

That last drive Bama scored Blake took the team on his shoulders. Did you see all those 3rd down drives he kept alive? Good Game Bama. Way to beat the #1 team in the Nation.
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