Introducing Yeoman: Express Stack - A Full Stack Experiment

This weekend, I and a few other developers started hacking on +Yeoman to see if we could bake in Express support. Developers have been asking for both back-end support and back-end generators for a while, so we thought we'd see what we could come up with.

The result of our efforts is Yeoman: Express Stack, a proof of concept branch which includes:

* A custom version of Yeoman with support for Express middleware
* CRUD generators for both Express and +AngularJS 
* LiveReload watch (server), build supported out of the box
* Demo application using Angular

You can get and play with our experimental branch here:

The idea is that you have a directory in your application for your Express code (server) and another for your client-side code (app) - everything else just works.

This branch is based on Yeoman 0.9.6 and we expect better support for back-end integration to be possible in Yeoman 1.0. For the time being, feel free to try out the stack and let us know what you think :)
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