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Introducing Yeoman: Express Stack - A Full Stack Experiment

This weekend, I and a few other developers started hacking on +Yeoman to see if we could bake in Express support. Developers have been asking for both back-end support and back-end generators for a while, so we thought we'd see what we could come up with.

The result of our efforts is Yeoman: Express Stack, a proof of concept branch which includes:

* A custom version of Yeoman with support for Express middleware
* CRUD generators for both Express and +AngularJS 
* LiveReload watch (server), build supported out of the box
* Demo application using Angular

You can get and play with our experimental branch here:

The idea is that you have a directory in your application for your Express code (server) and another for your client-side code (app) - everything else just works.

This branch is based on Yeoman 0.9.6 and we expect better support for back-end integration to be possible in Yeoman 1.0. For the time being, feel free to try out the stack and let us know what you think :)
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How can we use Yeoman with backend frameworks like Rails or Django? Do you have any advices on that? or is Yeoman only suited for web applications with Javascript frontend and backend?
This looks really cool. I'm excited because this makes it much easier for me to take a look at a node.js framework (which I haven't because of time) and see if I like it. 
has anyone been successful getting e2e to run in this branch. everything else is working great so far
+Harit Himanshu Well, Rails have Assets Pipeline (Sprockets) and generators (which are provided with corresponding gems usually, or you can create your's) ... so it is not that useful here. But if you build client side (html, css, js) separately from server side (Rails) - Yeoman is an awesome tool. 
+Denys Slipetskyy Thank you, I am still not sure how I can integrate Yeoman with backend being not Javascript technology
yes, i'm currently trying to make use of yeoman in a wordpress project and I'm not quite sure how to go about it...
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