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Google has killed the unofficial #WeatherAPI that the Awesome Weather Widget currently uses.

As of right now, the current version of the Awesome Weather Widget doesn't/can't update weather information at all. I'm currently working on a temporary fix while I also try and reach out to Weather Underground in an attempt to work out a deal. Unfortunately, given the popularity of the Awesome Weather Widget, even Weather Underground's largest plan wouldn't cover the current needs of the extension or its growth (around +2,000 users per week).

This puts the cost of Weather Underground's API at more than $300, likely along the lines of $600 to $1,800 per month (the lower number being the case if significantly decrease data freshness). This is a considerable amount of money for a free and open source widget that generates no income.

I hope to hear back from Weather Underground soon. If any of you awesome folks know an employee at Weather Underground, I'd definitely appreciate any help in getting a discussion started.

Regardless, I'll have an update ready and released in a few hours that will get the widget working again.

Sorry for the trouble & stay awesome!

(Thanks to +Ong Chi Hang for the heads up to the +The Next Web article.)
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Too bad I can't do anything to help. At least give moral support! :)
Thanks for that link,! (Sorry for the delay; must have missed the notification.)

Definitely interesting to see why it was shut down, and it makes me even more furious that Google shut down the API; seriously anti-competitive. I've tried dozens of commercial and free APIs and none of the match the awesomeness of Google's.

Oh well. Weather Underground will have to do. I have a few improvements I plan on exploring that should help users who're having trouble finding a suitable location to enter which should help considerably.