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Awesome, just like you.
Awesome, just like you.

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Just a heads up: The extension is back up! Sorry for the trouble if you tried to download it recently.

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Who likes coupons? Get 20% off for 3 months of Awesome HQ Pro using code DUSK

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Bummed over Awesome New Tab Page being temporarily unavailable on the Chrome Web Store?

Why not use this time to give Awesome HQ a try? +Awesome HQ is heavily inspired by ANTP but has a few major advantages:
 - It works on all modern browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and newer versions of Internet Explorer)
 - It works on many smartphones (iPhone, Android)
 - You can login with your Google Account on all of your devices for the same layout everywhere

Check it out:

Awesome New Tab Page will be back up on the Chrome Web Store soon! If you had it installed, it should continue working without interruption. This should only affect new installs and users looking to re-install the extension. Apologies for the delay and any confusion.

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Want a coupon for a Pro account on Awesome HQ?

Done. Use the coupon code "Serenity" when upgrading to Awesome HQ Pro (or even if you already have a subscription) for 15% off the life of the subscription! (Coupon expires June 30th.)

Don't want to pay anything? Awesome HQ has free accounts too! ;) Check it out:

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Awesome HQ is ready for more people. Do you want to give it a try?

It's like Awesome New Tab Page for all browsers (even your smartphone) and always in-sync!

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A small update to Awesome New Tab Page today that adds a new type of ad unit to the new tab page itself.

These ads will not appear to you if you have AdBlock/AdBlock Plus installed (by design). If you don't have AdBlock installed, a button to hide the ads ("HIDE THIS AD FOR TODAY") is right above the ad unit and will remove it until the next day. In addition, ANTP Pro users will not see these ads.

Unlike ads I've tested in the past, these ads are very high quality ads that are optimized for you from some very reputable brands and websites.

This is just a test, and these ads may or may not stay based on user feedback. If you do notice them (they're floating off to the right of the latest version of Awesome New Tab Page, 2014.85.28) and have any feedback, feel free to comment below or reach out through the support website ( If these types of ads are successful and well-received, I hope to remove the other injected ads in the near future.

This update also includes a dozen or so small bug fixes and UI improvements. Thanks to all of the awesome users who've pointed out these bugs and provided feedback!

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An update that goes way above and beyond the Chrome Web Store ad policies has just hit the Chrome Web Store (though it may take an hour to start publishing).

The update features a prompt that explains/shows how Awesome New Tab Page's new ads work, how they look, and and how you can disable them permanently with just a click.

I understand that some users find these types of prompts annoying. However, I want to make things very clear to you guys how the injected ads/deals/coupons work and remind you all that you, as always with Awesome New Tab Page, have complete control over pretty much everything.

I appreciate all of the users who have supported/support/will support the extension as well as +Awesome HQ. I am enthralled at the opportunity to make software that so many people use and love, and I greatly hope to continue to be afforded that opportunity. My goal, as it always has been, is to make awesome stuff for awesome people.

Stay awesome.

(There are also half a dozen small bug fixes and a typo correction included.)

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With +Awesome HQ's release getting closer in conjunction with my confidence that it's a significantly better product, I've decided to plan the discontinuation of Pro features for Awesome New Tab Page at the end of 2014 (next year).

With that in mind, the sale of Pro subscriptions for Awesome New Tab Page have ended, both yearly purchases and monthly subscriptions. 

Here's a blog post explaining how this works if you are a Pro user; hint: It shouldn't impact you unless you want a free Awesome HQ Pro account.

I hope you all have an awesome New Year!

Edit: If you'd like to get updates about Awesome HQ, you can follow the blog or join the mailing list here:
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