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The THAAD controversy is back...following U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry′s recent visit to South Korea.
Calling on American troops stationed in Seoul to prepare for possible provocations from North Korea,... Kerry mentioned the possibility of deploying Washington′s Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system to the peninsula.
Laah Hyun-kyung has more.

Nobody can predict what a reckless leader like Kim Jong-un will do... said U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry during his trip to South Korea on Monday.

″You have to be prepared for every eventuality, which is why we redeployed some ships and forces and why we′re talking about THAAD and other things today.″
His comments have reignited the controversy on whether Washington will put the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense, or THAAD battery, on South Korean soil... to counter the threat of ballistic missiles coming from the North.
On several occasions,... U.S. officials have openly said they′re discussing the possibility internally.
China and Russia have expressed strong resistance to the move because they feel it will threaten regional security.
South Korea remains sandwiched between Washington and Beijing.
Following Kerry′s comments,... officials at Seoul′s foreign ministry said... his remarks were simply meant to stress the seriousness of North Korea′s nuclear and missile provocations.
Seoul′s defense ministry echoed that stance.

″We′ve promised to make the process of this potential deal transparent,... so if there are any developments, we will let the press know.″

But watchers say the controversy will not go away easily,... with some experts even saying U.S. officials may be intentionally highlighting Pyongyang′s provocations... to legitimize a THAAD deployment.
Speaking at a forum on Tuesday morning, the Commander of U.S. Forces Korea, General Curtis Scaparrotti, referred to North Korea′s recent submarine-launched ballistic missile test,...saying... the regime′s threats are ever-evolving.
Laah Hyun-kyung, Arirang News.
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