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Adam Brimmer
I'm a Creative Director and a pragmatist. I live in Malta and write disposable fiction.
I'm a Creative Director and a pragmatist. I live in Malta and write disposable fiction.


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Gangs of New York, 1974

Quickie question for first time MC - do personal directives work once per mission or are they stackable. An example is the Masochists Directive where the player took injury three times. Is that +3 xp?

Lurk: Infiltrator.

So if a starting lurk has this advance they are not affected by quality or tier. So a basic door lock is the same as a bank safe in terms of rolls?

Has anyone run The Downtown Dataheist and recorded it on youtube? I'm interested to see the flow of it.

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Disney's Biker Gang Troubles:

"The plot revolves around the Main Street Fire Station 55 Social Club, whose leaders claim they have been bullied and terrorized by the head of the White Rabbits Social Club."

Random thought. Would it skew the game if the Hounds pet was a mischief of rats? Say 12-20 or so. Maybe they're treated as one entity or the Hound knows each one by name. Upgrades such as mindlink could only use one at a time.


What are the best rituals and creations your gaming group's come up with?

Reactionary Scores.

So most scores are instigated by the player initiative. They are the "aggressor" in the scenario and trigger the encounter themselves. How do you run things when they are on the defensive? Examples are in the book like - protect an area or take something from A to B. The assault/social/etc plans don't really fit anymore and the engagement roll feels a bit murky.

How do you handle scores that are triggered by NPCs?

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I can't recommend Max Gladstone's "Three Parts Dead" enough as BitD inspiration. Set in an industrial city literally powered by contracts with a god, where slivers of your soul are the defacto currency and defaulting on a contract can kill a divinity. Part legal drama, part mystery and altogether incredibly interesting. Am already devouring the next instalment.

Also I remind anyone to add to the collective inspirations list here:

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Couldn't help myself.
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