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Steve Cavanagh
Righter of wrongs by day, righter of wrongs by night. Lawyer and author.
Righter of wrongs by day, righter of wrongs by night. Lawyer and author.

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Take a look at my writing process over on the old blog today.

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Blog Tour - My Writing Process
  A little
while ago I was delighted to hear from Rob Pateman, who tagged me into the blog
tour on ‘the writing process.’ You can
check out Rob’s answers here . Rob and I
are lucky enough to be represented by the same literary agency and we have the
very sa...

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365 days until publication
  In exactly
one year’s time you, yes I mean you , oh
blessed reader-of-impeccable-taste, will be able to pop into your local
bookshop and buy a copy of my debut novel, THE DEFENCE, published by the good people at Orion Books. With a year
to go there is sti...

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From Disaster to a Dream Come True - Part 1 Getting an Agent
an Agent – Never Give Up.     There is one
absolute irrefutable fact that I can tell you about the process of trying to
obtain literary representation. It is also the single best piece of advice I
can give to anyone who is trying to land a lite...

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On meeting your heroes and the verisimillitudes of Poo!!!!
Stephen King is probably the greatest living writer. If you read that statement and immediately thought it
was wrong and such names as Martin Amis, Jonathan Franzen or Salman Rushdie
sprung to mind, you would be well advised to stop reading at this point, h...

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