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Shera Pop (sherapop)

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Pororari River Track

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Lovely Lilac Along the River Thames...
Incredibly fragrant and beautiful to behold. One of the varieties smelled a lot like jasmine. Perhaps a hybrid?

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New Reviews Coming Soon!
I had a lovely little chat with a very knowledgeable fellow at the Penhaligon's store in Edinburgh. It is rare for me to encounter in physical reality a fellow human being capable of conversing fluently about such matters as the 21st century corporatization...

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The Perfume Gods Have Spoken, Raining Down Upon Me!
This will sound amazing, but I was planning to mostly forego perfume this summer. The Perfume Gods had a different idea, and in fact strongly demurred upon my arrival in the United Kingdom.  As a result, I an indeed traveling with a summer wardrobe, and a v...

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Flower Petal Muesli?
Yes, please. Don't mind if I do! Please pass the roses, marigolds and cornflowers my way: I love the very idea of munching on flower petals,  but this stuff is downright delicious!

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Watery, Simple, Summertime Rose
Woods of Windsor True Rose I received a 100ml bottle of Woods of Windsor True Rose as a gift with the purchase of two bath gels (one rose, the other jasmine), and I must say that I am pleasantly surprised. It's a simple, watery rose scent, much less intense...

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Travelling Well-scented...
You could not squeeze your big bottle of Berdoues Violettes de Toulouse or Borsari Violetta di Parma in your bag. That's okay, because all you really need is this:

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A lot of Bond 9 was worn in Ohio this winter...
I must say that these colorfully wrapped bon-bons travel well! Now I am off for another adventure abroad. Haven't decided yet what to take along...

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Oranges forgotten in the pantry
Atelier Mandarine Glaciale I was not impressed by this Atelier scent. The primary citrus smells like orange oil. It is dirtied up with something or other, so it ends up smelling neither fresh nor glacial to me--more like oranges forgotten in the pantry. The...

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Yet more Aromachemical Woodishness
Atelier Cologne Cedre Atlas To me, Cedre Atlas smells nothing like cedar. It smells like the woodish aromachemicals which this house uses to fill its large bottles. You can say that the name is a metaphor, but it's really not at all mysterious what cedar sm...
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