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Tim McMorris
I am a Christian, husband, and music producer that loves people and life!
I am a Christian, husband, and music producer that loves people and life!

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Hey friends, just wanted to let you know I have some new music (Looking For Adventure) out today!

Available on all digital stores word-wide!

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Today I’m very excited to announce that SongBird, the single to my upcoming album of the same name, is now released along with a brand new music video below!

Songbird (the album is coming in 2017) is really about me getting back to where I first found passion in music, and endeavors to deliver many new simple yet meaningful songs and stories with just an acoustic guitar and raw vocals. It will be intimate, laid back and indie, and I hope it will be the soundtrack to many great moments of your life!

PS - Don't forget to follow me on Spotify!:

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Just this past Tuesday I took a little time to chat with Mark Drager, Leah Earl and Roland Echavarria of Toronto based media company PhantaMedia (, who specialize in corporate video production.

On episode #24 or their "Not-So-Corporate Podcast", we talk about music, inspiration, the stock industry, my story, what makes it all worth it for me, and much more! Check it out!

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I'm really excited to announce that my new website has just been launched on ! This has been something in the works for a long time and was long overdue!

There is a lot of new info and many added sections on the site, some of which I'd like to quickly tell you about:

1.) Biography - one of the most searched terms I get on my website, but one never existed - until now! If you want to know (a lot) about my life's story, a full biography from birth until present exists!

2.) Discography - My entire discography can now be found in one place with info, artwork and samples of everything I have released.

3.) Lyrics - The lyrics section has been completely re-designed and now you can find the lyrics to all my music in one easy to navigate place.

4.) A brand new comment system is now in place, and you can login with Facebook or Google+ without creating an account on my site. With a new system in place I'm looking forward to interacting with a lot more people directly on my site!

5.) Newsletter - Now you can get updates about new releases the moment they happen. You won't be getting annoying spam from me!

6.) Licensing section: For those looking to use my music in your own projects, there is now a detailed section with lots of info about licensing, and a new section where you can also listen through all of the production music I have available on AudioJungle. Music exclusively available on King's Crown Productions will be added soon!

Find these update and A LOT more on

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Just wanted to let you know that "A Beautiful Life" is now available on Spotify :)

Thanks for helping me get the word out by sharing this post!

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It's "A Beautiful Day" at Subway!

If you live in Australia or New Zealand, you may have noticed television commercials are sounding a little more upbeat this week.
Well, that’s thanks to world-famous franchise Subway, who are running an advertising campaign across the great land down under which features “It’s A Beautiful Day” from my album Alive.

A very cool part of Subway’s ‪#‎EATWELLGO‬ live life campaign is a chance to win $10,000 towards your own “GO” adventure. You can find out more about that on the Subway Australia website if you like!

Have you seen the commercial on TV or at the movies yet? Let me know!!! :)

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"This Is My Year", my latest single, is now available on digital stores around the world!
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