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Today I have had to fix a toilet (nothing to do with the bowl part, thankfully), almost had a swig of hair detangler since it looks like my water bottle (I WILL BE CHANGING MY WATERBOTTLE), and now I realise that I have prior commitments and will be unable to watch the 30 Rock finale live or do the other thing I was *superomg* looking forward to doing. May you all be having better days out there!!! 

I should probably not use my lightsaber to hit light switches out of reach or knock things closer to me. That's what The Force is for.

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It honestly warms my heart that others remember ¡Three Amigos! fondly, too ^_^
One of the greatest moments in modern cinema, bar none.

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I am way too hooked this right now. Love when live performances are as good as or better than the studio versions. Also, The Roots, woo.

It feels like Sunday night to all of you, too, right??

Woo, 2013. It's a good thing I don't make resolutions or I would have blown it already. I told myself I'd focus up and clean my place an hour ago. Instead, I have carefully made a new playlist to listen to. I'm going to go ahead and call that productive anyway :)

My brother got me kick ass pro socks for Christmas that I finally got to break out on the ice today. The rink guy FINALLY let me change in the refs room instead of the floor of the girls bathroom. And, shock of shocks: 1, 2, 3… 4! 4 goals!! Had a brilliant first half. Smoothest hands I’ve ever had, honestly. Deke, snipe, doorstep, snapshot. Woo. That's how you break in new gear ^_~ #hockey

Brother is playing WoW again. Right now. Right behind me. MUST. RESIST. Can't go back!! Also, game looks like ass in low res. Surprising. I've tried to distract myself with Torchlight II, but it's not working.

Woo. FINALLY a winter wonderland outside. Just got back from an hour's walk out there. Soaked to the bone from all the snow and it's just perfect ^_^

I am way too awake right now -- neighbour has super annoying whistling screeching thing that always goes nuts in windy weather -- and bored out of my mind. What's up with you guys??
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