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Pablo Martín Diez
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Pablo Martín Diez

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Hey guys! Wanna see a funny bug?
Change your date a couple years before today and you get to see plank icons get crazy! :D
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Pablo Martín Diez

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Habemus empresa!
Me ayudan a difundir? Muchas graciass! :D
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What could anyone expect from these guys?
Let me tell ya. Do you know how many information reports were given to the government from Debian, Slackware, Fedora community, etc?
Oh, none? Well then, ermm
Do you know how much data were given from closed-source enterprises like Facebook, Google.. or moreover!
Did you know about the backdoor you have as a Windows user that gives free-pass to those whom Oracle thinks as "security threats"?

Dinosaurs. Sadly this ones weren't the ones that got extinct.
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Pablo Martín Diez

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Pablo Martín Diez

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I jut got tickets for TEDxRosario!! :D
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Me muerooooo que genial! jajajaja
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Muchísimas gracias por apoyarme en mi blog! Espero que lo visiten y me sigan apoyando! ->
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Pablo Martín Diez

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"Sorry, it looks like this PC can't run Windows 8.1. This might be because the Users or Program Files folder is being redirected to another partition."

JA! Listo, lo único que les faltaba :)
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Pablo Martín Diez

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Me hicieron llegar este genial ensayo. No podría citar nada sin lamentar no haber citado todas las demás interesantes reflexiones que contiene. Recomendado!
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Hi there! A few weeks ago, my hotspots stopped working, also the PC locks after 10 minutes, no matter what I set on system preferences. Any clue on this?
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Open Letter to Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympics Committee.
Hi, Thomas!
My name is Pablo, from Argentina. And I'm not gonna send you another generic mail about the Principle 6. I'm just going to politely ask you to keep in mind the amount of blood, tears and sadness that has been spread into our community. And by "our community" I don't mean LGBT people, I mean humanity.
Being bullied, tortured and disrespected by everyone is something that should not feel anyone, anywhere. It's awful, trust me.
There's one way to stop it, and it's via acceptance and information. I get it, you don't feel that way. But it doesn't hurt anyone preventing this from going on. 
Russia clearly violates the Olympic Charter. And if the "Principle 6" condemns discrimination, and you're saying they don't do it, then you're being nothing else than accomplice for the pain they feel when a brother, a sister, a daughter, a son is not here anymore thanks to have been looking the other way.
Please, just... please. In the name of the guys and girls out there still being tortured. Relief their pain! Re-think this.

Sincerely, Pablo.
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I didn't notice any mistakes It is good as is :D
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Soy ese flaco que habla rápido.
Hablo rápido.
  • Universidad Tecnológica Nacional FRRo
    Ingeniería en Sistemas de Información, 2010 - present
  • Escuela Educación Media N° 7 General Villegas
    2006 - 2009
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Estudiante de Ingeniería en la UTN. Cada tanto hago huevadas en YouTube:
  • Rosario Solutions
    Socio, present
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