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Kumāra Bhikkhu
I'm not just a monk. I'm a human being. — Sayadaw U Jotika
I'm not just a monk. I'm a human being. — Sayadaw U Jotika

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Here's a great man.
Robert Kuok : Only when the greedy grabbing of wealth & power stops, will Malaysia have a chance to progress.
Encapsulating thoughts of Robert Kuok on Malaysia. Malaysia's tycoons are investing heavily overseas instead of re-investing in Malaysia. This definitely does not bode well for the country & her citizens. As history past decades has shown, many of the Chine...
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修练心灵 获取自由

古玛拉比丘(Kumāra Bhikkhu)

护法苑静修中心(SBS Retreat Centre)
Taiping, Perak, Malaysia
05-8411198, 017-5182011

截止:7 月29日

觉得自己经历了一些风雨见到彩虹的感觉。师父的开导是我的到中最好的礼物,解开我心中一半的烦恼。还有一半我想我要自己解决了。(第二次)我看到原来生活中的烦恼是在无时无刻的被我的幻想在现实中所制造出来的。Cheah Jing Xuan

知道自己要面对些什么(不要再伪装自己,不要一直抗拒内心的情绪)。学会其实自己是可以定下来,跟自己相处。Tee Khai Shuang

因为无所求,领悟放下时心所得到的一种快乐和轻盈。Ong Hui Sin 王惠欣

有达到70%的目的,虽然还有,但至少找到了出口,不会再转牛角尖。Wohoo! May Khoo


清楚的看到我的苦,因为贪别人的关注、称赞,把自己弄得很苦。原来一直追求一直要是那么累的。真的够了!我不要了!是要放下了。放下是最好的东西,很自在!Lim Chee Chin
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An element of Buddhist cultivation applied in modern psychotherapy. Great!
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Spiritual Cultivation Retreat for YOUTHS (青年修心营) 2016 is open for application:
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Bhikkhu Kumara on the best translation for samadhi

"I too find concentration to be a poor translation for samadhi. My meditation teacher, Sayadaw U Tejaniya, prefers stability or stability of mind. In terms of meaning, I think it’s really good as it makes sense in terms of practice—much better than concentration. However, I wasn’t satisfied. I set out to find the best translation, and here’s the result:

Samādhi is the noun for the verb samādhiyati.
Samādhiyati is the passive form for the active verb samādahati.
Samādahati: sam “together” + ādahati “put, place”. So, it means “put together” or “place together”. The English word compose shares a strikingly similar origin: com “together” + ponere “put, place”. (Source: and In modern usage, both words can also mean “to still or calm down the mind”.

Composed also share strikingly similar meaning as samāhita (participle of samādahati), which means “settled, composed, collected”. Both denotes a mental state that is not scattered, not “all over the place” (so to speak), but gathered, collected, composed.

Extrapolating from that, the noun samādhi should rightly mean “composure, collectedness”.It is probably the best English equivalent of samādhi."

#buddhism #samadhi #meditation  
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