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Applied Business Systems (ABS)
ABS – consultants in Financial, HR/Payroll & BI systems
ABS – consultants in Financial, HR/Payroll & BI systems


Financial and HR/Payroll Needs Assessments - and, Closing Performance Gaps

Among those companies that haven’t yet switched to the latest cloud-based software and/or SaaS based services there is a growing sense of urgency to re-examine operational and system effectiveness, and deliver performance comparable with industry best practices.

A well-executed Needs Assessment is a performance equalizer. It can provide an analysis of existing and future business requirements, produce performance scorecards, and present strategies to achieve measurable business gains.

An ABS Needs Assessment analyzes and compares operational and system performance with best-practice companies, identifies process improvement opportunities, and develops strategies to close performance gaps. And, an additional benefit is it consolidates a sound foundation of information and knowledge that is of significant value to any follow-up project. See
Learn more about Applied Business Systems (ABS): our specialties, techniques, productivity tools, and success stories. For details or contact information visit, or call (925) 648-0600.

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When expert IBM Cognos 10 consulting services are needed to support your BI initiative, ABS (
  provides the solutions and resources you need, including:

-   Knowledgeable and experienced business and technical consultants to help you plan best-practice approaches for conversions, migrations, upgrades, and BI projects. See

-   Instructors to design and conduct IBM Cognos training courses for business and technical teams. Standard / custom classes and on-site / remote training are taught with Samples or custom data. See

-   Conversion and Migration services for new and existing IBM Cognos customers. See

-   Application development support to facilitate proof of concept testing, prototyping, data warehouse and model design, financial reporting, analytics and custom BI applications.

Contact ABS at (925) 648-0600 for more information.

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A successful ERP / HCM Vendor Evaluation enables an organization to build applications and systems that drive business performance, staff productivity and customer satisfaction, long-term.

Applied Business Systems (ABS) guides our clients through the Vendor Evaluation process. Combining industry / software knowledge, analytical / planning skills and productivity tools we ensure strategies and software / service options are well-matched to an organization’s needs, goals and budget.

During the Vendor Evaluation ABS addresses key questions, such as:
-   Are the high priority business needs and goals formalized?
-   Which vendors provide well-integrated solutions to meet pre-defined business needs and goals?
-   How is the value, impact and shortcoming of a vendor application or technology determined?
-   Can the vendor meet the support and service level requirements, short and long-term?
-   How are different types of vendor solutions compared?
-   Is the vendor pricing competitive? What terms and conditions should be added or changed?
See our Vendor Evaluation web page(,
or contact ABS for more details.
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Industry-leader Alsco needed to improve the performance of their outdated HR, Payroll and Time & Attendance systems. With 70 branches across the USA, 90 union agreements and a global workforce of 15,000 employees, their operations were inflexible and high-cost.

By conducting a Needs Assessment, Strategic Planning and a Vendor Evaluation ABS consulting services helped Alsco implement a solution. Link to for more details and contact Applied Business Systems (ABS) at (925) 648-0600 to request a copy of this Success Story.

“The experience of ABS produced quick dividends. They provided the insight, roadmap and objectivity to help Alsco design a strategy and select SaaS vendor software that would deliver competitive advantage. The solutions were unanimously endorsed, enterprise-wide.”
-   Corporate Executive, Alsco Inc.
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The implementation of the latest cloud-based, SaaS, and package software for Financial, HR and Payroll applications can lead to substantial benefits.  Improved operational performance and flexibility.  Increased staff productivity.  Reduced business risk.
Implementing these new technologies and performing the necessary business transformations, however, presents hurdles that many organizations are unable to overcome. As a result, the anticipated gains from a major software investment are never fully realized.
Applied Business Systems (ABS) enables our clients to preempt or resolve the typical operational, business and/or technology challenges that arise in every conversion and transformation. This is achieved by offering:
-   Accomplished consultants with Financial, HR and Payroll expertise gained from domestic and global implementations, business transformations and operational support initiatives
-   Project managers, technology and business consultants who have sound knowledge of cloud-based, SaaS and/or traditional software products licensed by industry-leading vendors
-   Best practice techniques for integrating new technologies into diverse environments, and maximizing business gains
-   Resources with expertise in Business Intelligence, analytics, financial reporting, training and other areas critical to the overall success of an implementation project.
Browse our web-site (, email or call ABS at (925) 648-0600 to obtain more details on our consulting services. Learn how ABS helps entrepreneurial startups, industry-leaders and global 100 corporations to successfully address Financial, HR and Payroll implementations and business transformations.
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When you need expert resources to ensure your Business Intelligence (BI) project is a corporate-wide success, Applied Business Systems' (

)  consulting services and solutions can make all the difference. We help mid-sized and global organizations plan, design and develop affordable, high-performance reporting solutions that can deliver improved business performance, corporate flexibility and staff productivity.

Link to for details on our BI consulting services and solutions. Briefly, they include:
-    Assessments of BI reporting needs, performance and costs
-    Cost-justification of business and technology solutions; and vendor evaluation
-   Design and development of ETL, data warehouses and data marts; and data modeling
-   Deployment of BI software, such as, IBM Cognos 10; proof of concept testing; and security / portal administration
-   Design of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and analytics; and development of performance management, decision support and unique systems
-   On-site, tailored training classes for technology and business staff; and project mentoring.

Link to for more details about ABS’ BI and data warehouse solutions. And, call (925) 648-0600 to discuss your BI reporting needs.

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ABS Training for gold medal performance
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Defining business needs, assessing operational performance, and evaluating vendor software / services are the critical building blocks that enable corporations to assemble a foundation of knowledge about their ERP, HR / Payroll and Business Intelligence environment, develop well-crafted goals, and implement sound and competitive solutions.

Contact ABS at (925) 648-0600 and learn how we’re supplying expert consulting resources and solutions to our industry-leading clients so that their analyses are objective, well-planned and valuable. Then, consider how these same services can benefit your organization, too.
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Applied Business Systems’ (ABS) onsite training and project mentoring for HR/Payroll, ERP, BI and related technologies give your organization the opportunity to deliver cost-effective learning and development solutions, enterprise-wide.

And, by using skilled ABS instructors who are also expert consultants, you can benefit from instruction and coaching that focuses on your staff training needs, business and technology challenges, and unique data.

Link to

for more details.
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Learn more about ABS training programs. Then, email or contact ABS at (925) 648-0600 to discuss your training challenges.
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