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he Arabic Quranic text available today is the same text revealed since 609. The Quranic text has not changed from the time of the prophet life until now, and no one has the authority to change or alter the Quranic words. So, all Muslims agree on one single Arabic text to be Quran revealed. While the text of the Quran, known hasn’t changed over time but the look of Quran copies has been significant. In the time of the prophet, Quran was written without vocalization marks as know as Rasm-e-Uthmani or rasm al-mushāf. Then gradually vocalization (diacritical) signs as well that dots were included to facilitate the recitation
For several centuries, several different dabt (diacritical as know as tarīqat al-dabt), systems have been in use. At least two for Hafs and two for Warsh recitation. For Hafs recitation, one used in primarily in Arab land (incorrectly labelled as Uthmanic script) and another use in Central Asia and the subcontinent mainly Non-Arabs lands also incorrectly labelled as Indo-Pak script. Although both use the Hafs recitation but slightly different in diacritical method (dabt) and printing style.
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Online Free course (mobile friendly ) to learn to read and recite the noble Quran from beginner to advance level - this course uses Hafs recitation using Mushāf-e-Ajmi an Indo-Pak script which employs tarīqat al-dabt in writing the mushāfs
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