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Joanne Costantino
Sunday dinners and the life we claim we didn't sign up for
Sunday dinners and the life we claim we didn't sign up for


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The Comic Books of My Childhood Continue to Come to Life, Again
Wonder Woman the movie starring Gal Gadot and Chris Pine was
wonderful and an awesome delivery pumping life into another character I relished reading
on four color pulp. While other girls were reading Nancy Drew or Bobbsey Twins
books I read comic books. Su...

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Somethings I Really Want to Say About Mother’s Day, Again
Like many moms, I’ve experienced some pretty different and interesting Mother’s Day gifts over the years. On this day Moms will be given gifts that might have Mom give pause and think to herself, “hmmm, did I drop you on your head or some something when you...

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Survivor Game Changers with a Hook?

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Judas and Survivor Game Changers
There’s been more than one real life
situation where I have known secrets about people relatively close to me and
others, sexuality being the least of them. A secret confided to you is a sacred
trust. A secret you divulge because of personal gain is reckles...

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CTRL+ALT+ DEL 2016, Task Manager the year
2016. The closest thing to a do-over is CTRL + ALT+ DEL and I’m hoping to
restart 2017 with enhanced Processes . On
very personal note my 2016 was filled with some very awesome moments that will
be stored in the Physical Memory . I was blessed to of...

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Confidently Curvy

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Size 8
8 While attending a dinner party my
hostess introduced me to a woman who was also her workout buddy. We found we
had much in common like growing up in the city and the things we missed living
in the suburbs like the neighborhood bakery. The conversatio...
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