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Paul Owen
Englishman, Brit, European, Earthling, Milky Wavian, Galactico.
Englishman, Brit, European, Earthling, Milky Wavian, Galactico.

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Aaaaahh, there's that mental itch scratched; I can now dedicate that minute portion of my brain back to wondering where my life is going.
Tee hee hee.

Private Eye issue #1438

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Very nice...
The amazing new single ‘3WW’ by +alt-J showcases magnificent strings recorded in Studio Two by producer and ex-Abbey Roader Charlie Andrew.

Assisted by Abbey Road engineers Paul Pritchard and Stefano Civetta.

Listen now>>>

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Meaty af.


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Chill the eff out you lot...

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It's getting lighter in the mornings.
Now, it's not totally dark at the tram stop at 7:45am.

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New year, new profile pic.

Not so joyous. Still recovering from "the 16".

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There's only 19 days left if you want to take part in one of the greatest year-end memorials ever.
Not looking in Farage's/Trump's/Murdoch's direction at all.

RIP Ian McCaskill, my fave Spitting Image puppet.
This is what we laughed at in the 80's!

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I luff criffmaff

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I usually look forward to about one film a year.
This looks feckin ace!!
T2 Trainspotting Official Trailer – At Cinemas January 27
First thaur was an opportunity......then thaur was a betrayal. twintie years hae gain by. much has changed but jist as much remains th' sam. mark renton (ewan mcgregor) returns tae th' only place he can ever caa haem. they ur waitin' fur him: spud (ewen bremner), boak loon (jonny lee miller), an' begbie (robert carlyle). other auld friends ur waitin' too: sorraw, loss, joy, vengeance, hatred, friendship, loove, longin', fear, regrit, diamorphine, self-destruction an' mortal danger, they ur aw lined up tae welcome heem, ready tae join th' jink.
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