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This recent portal/gateway released encodedments to clear huge amounts of human ego/Atlantean/Reptilian/Hell distortions that each holds within. Power without purity is how all of those civilizations (timelines) were destroyed/collapsed/fell from consciousness and we are here to RETURN ALL TO FULL CONSCIOUSNESS THROUGH PURITY again.

Your own Purity will come into review each time you are presented with a decision, experience, choice, action now.... If you mis-use your gifts and powers through your Ego, then it is YOUR reality that will dissolve/collapse/fall in order to clear your own Akashic Records still held. Everyone in your reality shall also be subject to these affects, and vice-versa, which is why it's so very important for YOU to be the ONE that chooses to come from your absolute PUREST PLACE INSIDE with everything that you do....


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Aloha love family! ♦

Our New Stargate Systems is active upon waking and it's much "softer" than before... completing these Crystalline Upgrades have been immense and substantial....

Moving through StarGates at first is "jolting" and "thrusts us into different realities" for awhile. I used to refer to this as abrupt landings.... cycling through realities vibrationally is a part of this as well... The more stargates we have online, the more we cycle to to align, the more we have access to as well.....

Super high electro-magnetics, magic and visible rainbows, golden sunrises and the day has barely begun. I've only been up for a little over a half hour and it's profound already!

Here's a few captures at sunrise... (p.s. we have new colors/HUes and Light Encodements coming through too!!!!!!)

Join me in just over an hour (8am Kauai/11am Pacific Time/2pm Eastern/9am GMT) LIVE on for a NEW Interview on Straight Talk for the Soul (MasterClass Series, Season 3) with host, Cari L Murphy.... as we talk Activating Your Personal Crystalline Grid System (and StarGates!) and take as many live callers questions as we can fit in!

Here's the link to register for email instructions & access:


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Aloha beautiful love family! ♥

Days of Pure Crystalline, Diamond Light Codes and Rainbow Frequencies continue softly, with a bit of gamma mildly stimulating in the background....

We are "preparing" as all is gearing up for the increased power activations that are about ready to come through.....

Right now, everything is soft, yet a range of high frequency SOLar winds, gamma, crystalline... everything is softly active and steady...... continually going higher and higher... which is our "norm" daily now.....

We never stop going higher and it's this continual progression that is pushing any suppression up and out..... While we may shift gravitationally for a bit, we stopped descending as a planet and now it's continual expansion/contraction and gravity shifts......

These GRAVITY SHIFTS make all feel the presence of everything... no more pushing anything back inside or not seeing what's really going on, no more suppression.... the body and physical realities won't allow this anymore.....

These GRAVITATIONAL ADJUSTMENTS are increasing exponentially and WE MOVE with them ENERGETICALLY TOO... Navigating takes all of our presence now.... We must honor what our multi-dimensional bodies need and nurture more than ever.....

These mega high and very PURE frequencies go to the CORE of all. Where there is separation within, this will be FELT and play out in the physical to be MORE VISIBLE than ever before.....

These Gateways offer more freedom, more opportunities for happiness, joy, love and abundance of all to support your SOUL's chosen experiences, service, purposes & missions here. At any time, one can choose to intentionally transcend the human experience and shift into a Soul-aligned experience.... often this will be a complete directional change, yet necessary for ease, peace and simple existence to be RETURNED.....

As we move further into this powerful Gateway that opened a few days ago to bring MORE PURE LOVE and more exquisiteness forth for us all.... it will be up to each to RECOGNIZE what supports a PURE EXISTENCE and what represents "the old". Each's action, energy, decisions dictate... for all must come from DEEP WITHIN AND THROUGH THAT CONNECTION that guides our path THROUGH ALL ......

It doesn't matter the words you use, the labels or the titles you apply to things.... it matters that you listen, honor and DO from inside that which UNIFIES ALL AGAIN.... and RETURNS YOU to a higher vibrational plane of existence.....

You will start to realize that others are experiencing their REALities perfect for their own Soul chosen journey here.... You will start to REALize that you need not experience an unconscious reality anymore... unless you go unconscious/asleep/separate off/forget again..... You start to realize that you can have the most amazing experiences ALL OF THE TIME NOW.... and that when it's rough, it's because you are clearing your own separation inside and shifting out of an old reality (finally!) and that what created those "not awesome realities" was buried/hidden/suppressed deep inside of you and these highest vibrations have finally activated them to emerge so that you can be FREE again too.

Every ONE of these passageways are initiations and "tests" to see if you will separate off and go human or if you will go deeper inward and connect up and intentionally shift and do whatever it takes AS LOVE to re-align your whole reality yourself... inside and out..... Every one of these are for YOU to anchor and HOLD more light yourself and to emanate/radiate this out with your ENTIRE BEING and for you to BE your highest aspects of you.... ALL OF THE TIME..... in every exchange, in everything that you DO.... and when you are TUNING and you can't, pull away and honor you. Sleep, get out in nature and just BE..... Slow everything down, bring it to a halt.... ZERO POINT.... a space of NO TIME...... close your eyes and go deep inside and re-connect again.... and then slowly open your eyes, breathe and move SLOWLY from this space right here...... This is where we FUNCTION FROM all of the time.... Zero Point... and all is simple here. ♥

Have a most magical day! StarGates are quietly aligning all day thus far..... when they fully synchronize to powerUP, everything will start ROCKING AND ROLLING, timelines will collapse/converge (even more) and we will be JUMPING like never before... and we ain't even started yet...... ♦

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

photo capture at Polihale Beach 

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YOU are cordially invited to join us LIVE with Host Cari L Murphy​ as we Launch into Highly Progressive, Transformational, Light- Fueled Discussions on her Straight Talk for the Soul Global Masterclass Series- Season 3! ! Providing upliftment and support to all Continually Awakening Light Keepers, evolving Crystalline Gridkeepers and Wayshowers (YOU)!

Sharing the KNOWLEDGE for HOW all works as we all continue MORE MULTI-DIMENSIONAL experiences here.

Please join us and share for others to join us too! We will have Live Caller Q&A as well. (Our favorite part). ♥

Register for email notifications with access/join/listen instructions:

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This GateWay OPENING NOW is a NEW BEGINNING ..... are you truly truly truly ready and embracing with every thing that you are? Powerful is an understatement. Buckle up and let go.....

This is always a FRESH START, an opportUNITY for unimaginable exquisiteness available to us all. The only difference is "how" and "when" we CHOOSE/ALLOW this to occur for us all.....

There is soooooo very much PURE LOVE available when you allow yourself to FULLY REMEMBER from INSIDE and to experience the magic and mystical too. ♥ I love you.

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Guardian/Gatekeeper/Gridkeeper/Light Anchor/Frequency Holder/WayShower/Embodier ∞

Read entire article/update here: ↓

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