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Jon Bruner
Editor-at-large. Co-chair of O'Reilly Solid.
Editor-at-large. Co-chair of O'Reilly Solid.


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Check out our new +O'Reilly Solid Podcast! We recorded the first episode in the manager's office of an old McDonald's at NASA's Ames Research Center. Our guest is Dennis Wingo of Skycorp Incorporated and director of the Lunar Orbiter Image Recovery Project, who talks about the extraordinary engineering that brought images of the moon back to earth in 1966--and the equally extraordinary engineering that has recovered those images starting in 2008.

You can subscribe to the podcast in a few ways:


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From a great visit to Rockefeller Chapel with Mike Loukides and Kate Drane
Rockefeller Organ
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+Renee DiResta and I visited the incredible Huaquangbei electronics markets in Shenzhen last summer. These are part of the extraordinary hardware ecosystem there—every kind of electronic component is available—and a trip to the markets is part of the prototyping process for both large and small electronics companies.

Learn more about hardware and manufacturing at Solid tomorrow and Thursday:

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This is something that's been on my mind for a while: to the degree that there is such a thing as the "tech industry" or "tech sector," it's not what most people think it is.

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Awesome animation! So true.
Wie Tabellen eigentlich aussehen sollten: 
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Check out the conversation that Joi and I had a couple weeks ago about Solid and the way he's approaching manufacturing at the Media Lab!
"Manufacturing, Design, Hardware, and the Code that makes sense of it all",  +Joichi Ito & +Jon Bruner 

Joi Ito, +Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)  Media Lab director  talks with Jon Bruner, Editor-at-large. Co-chair of O'Reilly Solid about things like Agile A/B Testing for Hardware, the modular approach to manufacturing and innovation, and the idea that the current user interface for portable devices is really very narrow, and could be much more than the eye and finger that it currently is.

#industrialinternet   #internetofthings   #Wearables   #OReilly   #OReillySolid  

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A few (free) tickets remain! Join us Wednesday night for Solid: Local San Francisco.
Are you attending Solid: Local this Wednesday? Join +Jon Bruner +Renee DiResta +Brady Forrest +Star Simpson +Lemnos Labs and +Highway1 at 6 pm in San Francisco for a sneak preview of  #OReillySolid  and the next revolution in computing

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Free report from  #OReillySolid: ‘Building a Solid World’ by +Mike Loukides and myself #Hardware   #IoT   #Manufacturing  

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The barriers between Software and the physical world are falling.
- +Jon Bruner 

Register for the O'Reilly Solid Conference 

Something big is happening at the intersection of software and hardware. O'Reilly Solid brings together the people and businesses accelerating the growth of a software-enhanced, networked physical world.

#Internetofthings   #IndustrialInternet   #OReillySolid   #Solid   #OReilly  

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Solid begins! Our conference schedule is public and tickets are available. +O'Reilly Solid  #OReillySolid   #IoT   #Hardware  
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