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Tim Myles
Read beyond the tagline, click the links, don't be lazy!
Read beyond the tagline, click the links, don't be lazy!

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NGDO Identity
The next module in my masters is "NGOs in a changing international context". The first piece of reading is from the book "Striking a Balance" by Alan Fowler. The chapter in particular begins with the question of how do we define NGDOs (Non-Governmental Deve...

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Rwanda - Best Ones
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Pro-Poor Politics (Unit 6)
Pro-poor politics. Implementing policy to help the poor. At first glance it seems like a fairly innocuous phrase. There are poor people in the world and there are policies that are intended to help them - simple enough, right? Maybe not... This last fortnig...

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International Influences on Development
Catalytic Philanthropy It's a fairly safe bet that you've heard of one of these people: Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are numbers 1 and 3 on the world's richest person list . Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, trails in at a measly 22nd. It's not jus...

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The Role of the State in Development Politics
The Role of the State in Development Politics Last
week we looked at the interplay between the two key concepts of   Democracy and Development , this week the topic is
specifically the role of the state itself in development, regardless of the
form of gover...

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Latest blog post - Indian face massages with vibrating gloves!

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