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Trevor Douglas
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Trevor Douglas

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This made my freakin weekend.. and it hasn't even started yet!
Gawd,sometimes I miss home.
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Trevor Douglas

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Trevor Douglas

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Tears, a poem by me

The tears they fall,
My eyes are wet,
I wish to god,
I could forget.

I shame myself,
though action or deed,
of excessive want,
and my lack of need.

Cold light pours through,
the skylight above,
A blissful white,
I've had enough.

An empty bed
no love to give,
no warmth to share
nor will to live.

My heart has died,
my soul has shattered,
everything's gone,
all that mattered.

Slumber is near,
but embrace it I will not,
for when I sleep,
Nightmares are fought.

What is left,
for me to lose,
except fanciful wish,
or passionate muse.

The tears they fall,
my eyes are wet,
I wish to god,
I could forget.
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Trevor Douglas

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Trevor Douglas

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Did ya hit dat, Spock?
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Trevor Douglas

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Every entry is so very very true!
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Trevor Douglas

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Darkest of Hillside Thickets are The greatest HP Lovecraft tribute punk band out of Chilliwack BC Canada, EVER!
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I'm sure there are, most never make it out of mom's garage.
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Trevor Douglas

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Timelords... Transform and Dematerialize Out!
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Geek, Writer, Retail Associate
  • Wal~Mart
    Geek, Writer, Retail Associate, present
  • Executive Security, Signs of Life Productions, Incubus Productions
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Pensacola, FL, USA
Salmon Arm, BC, Canada - Vancouver, BC, Canada
Contributor to
chrono sapien
Who am I? Well, I'm...

I’m Canadian...
Yes. I am a born and raised Canadian hailing from the interior of British Columbia. I moved to Pensacola, Florida, in 1998 with my now-ex wife. Why did I not go back to Canada after? I dunno, but I am happy I did because I wouldn’t have met my main love. It’s been over a year and a half for us.

I’m a Redhead...
We are the best of the best! Redheads RAWK! We are the coolest sexiest people in the world and if you are a redhead you will ALWAYS get a 10 from me. 

I’m 35 years old...
Oh god. On January 4th I am 35 years of age. If you think I’m old, then screw you. If you think I'm young, screw you too. I’m in that 28-32 year old range that is either too old for one half the population and too old for the other half. Well I am perfectly aged so nyah on you! 

I'm a geek...
It's not a bad word. Geek! That's what I am. Whats the difference between a geek and a nerd? Well geeks listen to better music tend to get laid more often. Or at least I do so I am sticking to it. I love all the things that real old school geeks love. Computers, video games, role playing games, science fiction, fantasy, horror. I like pictures of chicks in chain-mail or nothing at all.

I’m a hard-core...
A hard-core what...? Just hard-core. I like my liquor hard and strong, enough to peel paint off my car and cause small fires. I like my music hard and fast, with a beat that can cause your fillings to shake.. 

I’m a boyfriend and fiance...
Yes, I have a girlfriend and we are getting married! She is my love and mother my daughter and son and a stepson whom are the most beautiful kids in the universe and beyond. 

I'm an artist...
I have always had a very vivid imagination. My drawing skills lack, in my opinion, but I have found so many other ways to express myself. I write stories and poetry since I have a love for the written word. I TRY to draw or paint sometimes but more and more I use the computer as my medium. I like to sing and compose music, everything from jazz and folk to hard core industrial and techno.

I’m a father...
My daughter is 4.5 years old now! And she is my lil redheaded devil! My son will be two at Christmas and he's a little mischievous joker and my stepson is 9 and smarter then all getout.

I’m a friend...
I have a very different view of what a friend is. If I consider you my friend in real life that means thats you ARE my family. That I love you in whatever way is appropriate for that particular friendship. And that I will have your back when you need it. Thus I do not have many friends and a lot of aquaintences. Talk to me and maybe that can change.

I’m a dreamer...
I have goals and dreams and I plan to fulfill all of them. I plan to write and publish a novel. To compose and produce my own album. To film my own movie. To raise my daughter and son and step-son to be their own people. To love my girlfriend, my partner, forever. To live true to myself and not care what society thinks about my views and wants and needs. To have fun!
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Worked security at the Bridge Movie Studios where they filmed Stargate and Outer Limits and Poltergeist the Legacy
  • CDIS
    Multimedia, 1994 - 1995
  • South Canoe Elementary, A.L. Fortune Senior Secondary, Center for Digital Imaging and Sound
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