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Get Noticed. Get Hired.
Get Noticed. Get Hired.

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You got an interview for your dream what?

This infographic offers numerous tips to help you prepare and stand out from the interviewee crowd.

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How can you stand out in a job interview?

By telling your story. But you only have minutes to wow them, so your story needs to pack a punch in a short amount of time. See the infographic below for common mistakes interviewees make and useful tips on how to get noticed at your next interview.

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Looking for a few more ways to get noticed?

No matter where you are at in your job search, this infographic provides several useful ideas to stand out and land your dream job:

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Are your social media profiles helping you stand out?

Whether you are a social media newbie or simply looking for a few more ways to boost your job search, this infographic has some excellent tips to ensure your social media presence puts you in the best light:

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How do you stand out from the rest of the job search pool? This infographic provides several useful tips to help give you the advantage:

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Can Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn get you a job? The answer is yes! See this infographic for tips to get your social media accounts job search ready:

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Meet Jeremy Redleaf @TheLeafisRed
Creator of #Resume Shirts, Odd Job Nation & the Odd Job web series 
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Meet Rob Jervis, Who Got Hired With A Box Of Chocolates
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