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Reading The Quran And Reciting it Is In Itself Rewarding And Meritorious.
Quran is ALLAH Almighty's greatest gift to the entire mankind. It must be read, understood and acted upon but mere reading the Quran and reciting of it have also been designated by ALLAH Almighty as acts of merit that deserve rewards. mere recital of the words of the Quran is enough to invoke ALLAH's mercy, but many think, foolishly or unknowingly that reading of Quran without understanding what it says is of no use. They think the Divine book is like a other books written by men which have to be understood. but Quran, a Divine Book, is different; it guarantees well-being and success in this life as well as the afterlife and mere Reciting or Reading the Quran is in itself rewarding and meritorious.
Abdullah ibn Uas'ud (Razi ALLAH Anhu) relates that ourt blessed Prophet (sallallahu Alaihi wasallam) has said:
من قراء حرفا من کتاب اللہ فلہ حسنہ، والحسنۃ بعشر امثالھا، لااقول الم حرف و، ولٰکن: الف حرف، ولام حرف: ومیم حرف
"He who reads one word of ALLAH's Book gets one merit which is in fact equal to ten merits. I do not say The AlifLaamMeem is one word; but Alif is one word, Laam is one word, Meem is one word, " (Tirmidhi)
This shows that if anyone recites only "ALifLaamMeem",It is enough for thirty merits to be recorded. It also proves that mere reading or recital without understanding is also rewarding since (alifLaamMeem) is a word the meanings of which are unknown and so it is impossible to understand it. Thus our blessed Prophet, by giving this examples proved that reward for reading or reciting Quran does not depend upon understanding it, but mere reading or recital is rewarding in itself.
Hence every Muslim, before busying himself with other work, must read some portion - one Para or half or one quarter or even one Ruku of the Quran without fail; this shall assuredly earn him ever increasing merit every day.
Moreover, every Muslim must commit to memory some surah for ready without having to open the book. According to Ibn Abbas (Razi ALLAH Anhu), our blessed Prophet (sallallahu Alaihi wasallam) has said :
"He whose mind does not have some portion of Quran is like an empty house"
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Guidance Towards Good
To urge others to goodness is also an act of great merit. If someone agrees to do good due to another mains efforts, both shall earn equal merits and reward.
Abu Mas'ud Ansari relates that our eternally blessed Prphet (sallallaho Alaihi Wasallam) has said "One who guides another to goodness shall earn as much merit as the doer of the good deed' (Sahih Muslim)
If the guidance towards good is in the form of a collective effort,i.e. many persons are guided and consequently do good, the reward of the good deeds of all goes to the guide also ( in addition to the rewards dua to actual doers).
Abu Hurairah recounts that our Prophet (sallallaho Alaihi Wasallam) said:-
من دعا الی ھدََی کان لہ من الاجر مثل اجور من تبعہ ، لاینقص ذالک من اجورھم شیئا، ومن دعا الی ضلالۃ کان علیہ من الاثم مثل اثام من تبعہ لاینقص ذالک من آثامھم شیئا
"One who calls others to the right path of good deeds gets as much merits as those who act upon his guidance, and the merits of the doers are not reduced thereby. And one who calls others to do wrong sins as much as the collective sins of those who follow him in sinning and their sins shall not be reduced at all".(Sahih Muslim).

While merit is vouchsafed when others respond to guidance, the very act of guidance to good,whether responded to or not, is one of great merit because hadith tells us that:-

امرُُ بالمعروف صدقۃُُ، ونھیُُ عن المنکر صدقۃُُ
"Giving order to do good is a form of Sadaqah and stopping (someone) from going evil is also a form of Sadaqah (Sahih Muslim).
Hence no opportunity of giving good advice to and guiding others should be lost, but care should be taken to adopt a method for this which is not insulting or irksome to the other man. One should not criticize others in public nor should one adopt an overbearing and proud stance; advice should be given in privacy and in a soft tone showing one's sympathy and commiseration; hence one should choose a time for advice when the hearer is not worried. Wisdom should be exercised in this and intent should be of doing good, since the Quran Says:

ادعُ الیٰ سبیلِ ربکَ بالحکمۃ والموعظۃ الحسنۃ
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Peacemaking between two Muslims who differ among themselves is an act of immense merit. The Holy Quran Says;-
انما المومنون اخوۃ فاصلحوا بین اخویکم و اتقوا اللہ لعلکم ترحمون
and also :-
فاتقوا اللہ واصلحوا ذات بینکم

These verses clearly show how sublime it is to make peace between two Muslims and to try to restore good relations between them.
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To Have love for someone for the sake of ALLAH's pleasure is also a grand act for which much merit and many rewards have been promised . "To love for the sake of ALLAH" means loving someone, not for any worldly gain, but because he is more religious and pious or he is very learned in din or is busy in serving the cause of din or because loving him or her is commanded by ALLAH, e.g. one's parents.
Such a love has been called "love for ALLAH" in ahadith

one hadith says:
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Bismillah بسم اللہ

Begingin All Important Work With "Bismillah"
Recital of "Bismillah" when starting any work is a sing of Muslims. Our blessed and exalted Prophet (sallallaho alihi wasallam) has said

كُلُّ كَلَامٍ أَوْ أَمْرٍ ذِي بَالٍ لَم یُبداء فیہ بِبسمِ اللهِ فَهُوَ أَقْطَعُ و اَجزِمُ

"Every Important work not began with Bismillah remains imperfect and half done"

According to the established sunnah of our eternally blessed Prophet (sallallaho alihi wasallam), every important work should be started with Bismillah and every Muslim must follow it and
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Prayers According To Sunnah
Although one should pray to ALLAH at all times for all one's needs, our eternally blessed prophet has taught us some specific prayers for special occasions at different times of night and day, e.g.
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