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Time to return to the true gospel of holiness and righteousness

We are no longer in the days of prosperity and inspirational gospel. We are living in the days of repantance and preparation for the return of our lord Jesus Christ. So fill your lamp with oil and get ready to meet the groom.

There is nothing more great than being in the presence of the Lord. In his presence I get to understand how much he loves me and to under stand his grace. Lord you are so holy and wonderful! How great it will be to finally meet him face to face. A way from this dark world

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Lord don't allow me to be distracted from your truth. Let no storms of life, no mountains I must climb, that should take me away from my faith. I know that temptations are set to make us stronger. In you Lord I put my trust.

Why are many churches today spiriually dead? The church is asleep and there is no fire in it. The early Church was full of the holy spirit of God. The Believers were on fire for God, and ready to defend, serve and worship God at all cause. But the church of today is only worried and cares about fullfilling their everyday needs not putting God as their priority. They are spiritually dead. I see many young people fleing churches that seems to point out the world's sin and run to a church that is "less strict". If you see a pastor talking about his wonderful family, instead of preparing you for internal life, then Flee. We are no longer in times of playing and sleeping. It is time for every believer to pick up their sword and fight the battle. Run the Race with pacience, the reward is just one step ahead. Jesus is coming soon. Sooner than we think, don;t let him find you switching churches and trying to find the right church for you. Go in your secret quite place, kneel down and ask God to reveal Himself to you and he will find you there. It is time to get right with God. He is not coming to get a church but the church, his holy bride. Don't miss it because you were busying yourself finding inspiritional speakers instead of those that are calling for repantance.

I have seen many people write their new year resolution on facebook and other social media. Some want to be better people, and others want to cut out anything that is not serving them right in their lives. What I didn't see are people who plan to seek God this year. They thank God for getting them through the year but they didn't include him in the next year they are about to begin. You cannot become a better person on your own. It is God that is able to do that. You will not know who is bad or good in your life. Only God knows. Remember, God does not think the way humans think. Seek the lord while he is found. let this year be the year you get right with God. Act now, for tomorrow is not promised. if God allowed you to see 2017, it's for his glory. Not your own. It is your opportunity to serve Him if you haven't done so. It is your opportunity to confess your sins and make sure your name is written in the Book of life. your day of judgment is right next door. My year Resolution is Serve God with all my heart, my soul, my mind, and my strength.

I'll praise you in this storm. I'll raise my hands. You are who you are, No matter where I am. Every tears I cry you hold in your hands. You never leave my side, though my heart is torn. I'll praise you in this storm.
- casting Crowns
The song of the week. Mungu ni Mungu tu.

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Lord do not let me turn away from your path. keep me on the path of purity; for your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.

Many Christians are living with holes in their lives. They forget that those holes are the open gate for the devil to come in and do what he pleases. The enemy will come and fill those hole with lies of the flesh. Only to break down even the standing wall that was left. Making more access for him. At the end of the day the devil has fully got hold of you. No one els can fill that gap but Jesus. As the Bible tells us He is the intercessor and advocate. The only mediator we have to God. Money can never fill the gap. Relationships will never fill in that gap. Pride and lust will never fill that gap. Only Jesus can.

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Lord teach me to be the woman of noble character. Proverbs 31
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