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Starwars, various resolutions! Enjoy. 👍
24 Photos - View album

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Kayaknya beli ini aja deh buat replace netbook yang rusak

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Kayaknya enak eek di sini

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India memang gila! 

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Ngga beda jauh sama di kaskus gan :) 
Deal: SanDisk memory cards up to 70% off on Amazon today

If you received a smartphone, tablet, camera, or other tech toy this Christmas, and you’re looking to stock up on extra storage, Amazon has a good deal on SanDisk memory for you today.

By +Bogdan Petrovan 

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Mengatasi masalah "Storage Space Running Out" pada Android
Sepertinya inilah masalah yang paling serius yang pernah saya hadapi sejak membeli hape android Samsung Galaxy S2 pada pertengahan tahun 2011. Lumayan membuat saya bingung juga pada awalnya, menghapus semua cache & menguninstall beberapa apps yang tidak ter...

I won candy on the #googlebirthday doodle! Score: 156

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Komputer koplak! :)) 

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How I post at G+ ...
Let's not forget the basics.

When you've spend some time on #GooglePlus  like me you tend to forget that there are new G+ users (goobies) starting on this network every day. The platform can be an intimidating place when you start out and the amount of fantastic features can be overwhelming, so let's start with the basics, shall we? Here a few tips on how I make a post.

Making a visually appealing post is easy at G+ ...
The post will be divided into sections as follows:
How to start | Making it look good | Some extras

How to start ...
The text field to add a post is on the top of either my profile page or my stream. Before I start typing and spreading my collected wisdom though, I do two things first.

▸ Add a picture (images make my posts stand out). Instead of a picture I can also attach a  #YouTube video, an Event or a Link to the post via the buttons underneath the text field.

▸ Add the recipients in the address field (in the field underneath the text field). I just type the first 2-3 letters of any of my circles or a single person and a drop-down menu will open to offer me choices. If I want everybody to see the post, I add Public. If I want to send a #PrivateMessage , I just enter the name of the person the PM is meant for (Read more about how I write a PM here: If I enter a circle to my address field I can choose if I want to notify them via email by checking the box Also send emails to X circles. Use that feature sparingly though, since it quickly turns into spam. (Find out how I use the notification system here:

(Make sure you do these steps first! It has happened to me that I accidentally posted a piece before it was finished. In case that happens, I can always edit the text, but I can't edit images or recipients.)

Then I write my text. There are a few interesting things I can do when composing my post.

▸ I can +mention people (also called plussing in by Google+ community manager +Natalie Villalobos). << You see what I mean? I +mentioned Natalie. That is easily done by typing a plus and the first 2-3 letters of the person I want to plus in. A drop-down menu will open and give me choices. People who get +mentioned in my posts will get a notification of it, which makes it a handy tool, if I want to draw the attention of that person to my post. A click on the +mention will take the reader to the person's profile, which allows me to show my appreciation of that person, for example when I want to thank him/her for something.

▸ I can add hashtags to my post. That means I just prefix a word with #. Hashtags allow me and the reader to find a certain post or a series of posts easier (you can for example click on my unique hashtag #jghowi  and find all my "How I ..." posts). In a PM they allow me to work at least around some of the short comings of the PM system here.

Making it look good ...
You can now give your post that little extra. Here are some tricks I use to make the post easy on the eyes.

▸ If it's a lengthy post I format it, using paragraphs and bullets (read here how I do that:, to make it easier for the reader to take in. 

▸ I format the text. If I want to make part of the text bold I have to put an asterisk right before the text and after it. Here an example, but without the spaces: * bold * . Without the spaces it'll look like this: bold . If I want italic text I use the underscore. Here with and without the spaces: _ italic _ , italic . I can also cross out a part of the text by using the minus like this: - strike out - , strike out .

▸ I can also use fancy characters like ➨▻◆⇋★✔☛✰♫♬♯½¼€$¢☺∽ to pep the post up a bit. Read here how I do that:

▸ If I want to insert links to other people's posts or to content on the internet I always use URL shorteners. Find out more about them here: (<< that's an example for a short URL).

Now my post looks good and is easy to read. You can see examples of all those tricks all over this post too. Time to send it off, but before I do that I can still do a few extra things.

Some extras ...
There is a little downward pointing triangle at the left hand side of the address field. Clicking on that will let me do two things.

▸ I can lock the post. That means that nobody can share it or +mention somebody else. Especially with PMs that helps in keeping a post private.

▸ I can disable comments. Well, that is pretty self-explanatory, isn't it?

Update: Some of those features are not present in the mobile app, like locking a post or disabling comments. h/t +Leonerd Kirk for that tip.

Summary ...
That's how I do it. Now you know how I format posts and text, how I make it visually appealing, add images and videos and a few other things. Now it just depends on you that you fit some interesting content into all this and your post will take off like a rocket.

Thx for taking the time to read this. As always I value your input. Do you have any useful tricks & tips for posting on G+? Let me know in a comment and of course, +1 and share!. +Sharing is Caring on G+. You might be an old hand here at G+ and not find much useful information in this that you didn't already know, but remember that there are loads of goobies amongst your followers and they will appreciate you sharing this with them.

+Jens Graikowski 

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