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Monika Marshall

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The journey that lead to my soul being reborn
After being diagnosed with graves
and living with it for a while I noticed that it became sort of an annoyance to
others. I LIVED graves. All I thought about was graves. All I read about was
graves. There was only one subject I could talk about. graves. Peo...
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I learned while my soul was silenced...
When things go bad I do one thing very well. I fall into
survival mode and face the yucky. I always did it all wrong. Step one was
usually isolating everyone I know. I didn’t want anyone to be bothered by my
misfortune and I didn’t believe they would know w...
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I haven't...
I haven’t written in a while. I actually haven’t done anything in a while. I spent the past two years in hiding, feeling lonely,
suffering from an invisible disease. If you asked me two years ago what my plans for the next two
years were I would have given ...
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