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The Sun 4/18/2017
Although we're well past SolarMax and the solar disk looks blank on many days, it can still be interesting in H-alpha. This is a single-image capture (not a stack) taken with the DS16C and PST-DS. The active area and prominence at the top of the image is su...

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2/18/17 Imaging Session
It's been a while since I posted here. The winter has not been good here in Indiana, and the Spring has been mostly cloudy with clear skies coinciding with full moons and evening events that kept me from the scope. Here's a few images I captured on an unsea...

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The Orion Molecular Cloud
Flame and Horsehead Last night was one of the best we have had all year--above freezing temps (just), decent seeing, high transparency, and little sky glow. I took out the 8 inch, f/4 Newt and the DS 16C. All these images were taken with no dark subtraction...

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A Walk on the Moon
This is a set of lunar images I took with my 125mm MAK and the ASI 120MM imager. The ASI is a very good monochrome imager and matches the MAK pretty well. Images were captured with Firecapture and stacked and processed in Registax. The first image is of the...

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Large Stack Experiment--M33, M31, NGC6912
Despite a half moon, skies were steady and transparent last night, with still conditions, making it a good night to try some more stacking experiments. The setup was my ZEQ 25 mount, f/4 Newt, and DS16C imager; no filters were used. I upgraded to the latest...

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My Best M31
I captured and processed this image on Saturday night with the remarkable Mallincam DS16C and my f/4 Mallincam Newt. I used integrative stacking plus some minor tweaking (color balance--Photoshop; Curves--Nebulosity) to produce this final image. This combin...

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Averaged stacking experiments--Bubble Nebula and M31
Equipment: Mallincam f/4 Newt and Mallincam DS16C. Here are 3 pix I took using averaged stacking with the DS16C. I used the f/4 Newt, so there is considerable coma distortion. The M31 pic is an averaged stack of 20 integrations. My research and conversation...

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M31 with DS16C
I'm still learning about the DS16C--but what I know, I really like. The cam combines high sensitivity with very low noise and no amp glow. With this cam, you can capture detail fast! My goal here is not to spend hours producing an image, but to see how good...

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First Light, Mallincam SkyRaider DS16C
Last night was First Light with the MC SRDS16C--a remarkable, 16 megapixel CMOS color camera which eliminates the Bayer Matrix and combines high sensitivity with low noise.   My first, out-of-the-box dark field tests showed virtually no noise on 30-second i...

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A Cosmic Bubble
The Bubble Nebula (NGC 7635) is an H II emission region located in Cassiopeia. The bubble is created by the stellar winds from the nebula's central star. The whole is surrounded by a giant molecular cloud. Both the nebula and the cloud are visible in this i...
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