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Andrea Bates
I am who I am and I like who that is.
I am who I am and I like who that is.

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What To Bring To A Blog Conference
Let's be real - you're headed to your first blogging conference and you have 957 things on your mind. I hear you. I was you. I've been you. I even AM you. It's not my first conference, I've been to several. And I've even written lists like this before. So, ...

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It Comes Again
I am a girl without a father. Father's Day is tomorrow and I am, currently, a girl without a father. A woman, sure. But when I think of my dad I am and will always be a girl. A young girl at that. I had a father. Don't get me wrong. I had him for forty-one ...

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Fan Of The Paperback? Buy These!
These books are finally out in paperback. I know you've been waiting. I'VE been waiting. So go forth and hit the links provided [affiliate links] below and you can grab your much-wanted paperback copies, stat! Let's Admit It - - Paperback Books Are Easier T...

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Say Cheese.
I'm looking through pictures. I take so many selfies. You know it. I know it. Maybe that was part of the problem. Who knows? But I know I do. I do because if I don't - didn't - I was never on the other side of the camera. So I take so many, and include the ...

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Once upon a time there was a teenage girl. That teenage girl started high school in tenth grade, which was the norm in her neighborhood back in the day. What this meant for this girl and her friends was that there was already a group of students at the high...

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Go With Your Heart
Just wanted to share some thoughts. I got fired up the other day in a response to someone leaving a group that I'm in. This individual made  an announcement about leaving, shared a controversial video, and included a comment about intolerance in a group whe...

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A post written by ME over at +Midlife Boulevard.. so head on over and see what books I'm talking about!

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Head To Black Hairspray For Your Hair Needs
* This post has been sponsored by #BlackHairspray. * 

Black Hairspray is a wig retailer proud to offer a thousands of products to meet your beauty needs. 

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It's Different Now
It's different now. Now I hang my towel on the hook next to the shower after I'm done. I don't need to use the one on the back of the bathroom door anymore. Sometimes I forget. Go to hang it up and look around as if someone is watching. Waiting. Looking to ...

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One Plus One
When you are the parent of an only child you sometimes receive inquiries as to whether or not you're going to have another. I can say that during my daughter's ten years, thus far, I haven't been asked quite as often as you might expect or imagine. But I've...
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