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251 followers - is a writers' resource site, including databases of literary agents, book publishers, writing contests, magazines, and more. is a writers' resource site, including databases of literary agents, book publishers, writing contests, magazines, and more.


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'Women are better writers than men': novelist John Boyne sets the record straight
Male authors are always pronouncing their own brilliance – or boasting about not reading books by women. So, after a lifetime of writing and attending literary festivals, John Boyne would like to get something off his chest …

Christmas sale: 25% off the Writers' Handbook 2018
For a limited time only, is offering copies of the 2018 edition of its acclaimed Writers' Handbook in ebook format at a 25% discount.

Every year, the period between Christmas and New Year is the busiest ebook selling week of the year, as people with lovely new ereaders from Santa look for content to load onto them. This year, the online ebook retailer Smashwords is aiming to make this a little easier on everyone's strained post-Christmas bank accounts, by running an End of Year sale: and the Writers' Handbook 2018 will be among the titles available at a discounted price.

The 2018 edition contains over 1,400 listings, including revised and updated listings from the 2017 edition, and nearly 400 brand new entries. It has more pages of publishers and more pages of magazines than the Writers' & Artists' Yearbook, and nearly as many pages of literary agents as Writers' Market and the Writers' & Artists' Yearbook combined.

The sale will start on Christmas Day and run until New Year's Day. During this time, just head over to Smashwords at and use the coupon code "SEY25" at the checkout to claim your 25% discount.

And don't forget: if you prefer your books in print then's Writers' Handbook 2018 is already 40% cheaper than the Writer’s Market ($29.99 RRP), and more than 50% cheaper than the Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook (£25.00 RRP). You can order a copy now from any of the following outlets:
Barnes & Noble

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Want to Succeed at Self-Publishing? Join a Writers' Group: Tips from an Indie Author
Writing a book about living with areata—a condition in which the immune system attacks hair follicles, leading to baldness—was a way for Deeann Callis Graham to “find some peace with what was happening to [her] physically and emotionally.” The book, Head-On, was praised by Publishers Weekly as “heartwarming” and “a powerful compilation of profiles with a sincere and encouraging message.”

Before self-publishing Head-On, Graham went to writing workshops, met other indie authors, and read widely about publishing. Although she was ready to tackle the writing and design of the book, she was caught off-guard by the demands of marketing. “Marketing is a long and arduous process that I wish I would have known more about in the beginning…Most of the marketing I do is within the alopecia areata community. My biggest surprise has been the challenge of reaching that niche audience. I thought it would be easier.”

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Why I Chose to Self-Publish Again
It wasn’t the original plan. After self-publishing four historical baseball novels through my Grassy Gutter Press imprint, the goal with my first foray into the Young Adult market was to sell THE INVASION OF NORMANDIE to an actual publisher and get it into as many reader hands as possible.

It wasn’t going to happen right away.

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Writers Institute gives aspiring authors a Pathway to Publication
Technological changes have rocked publishing over the last few years, creating new opportunities for authors. While some pursue the traditional path of placing a book with a publisher, others are distributing and promoting books themselves with a wide range of services. At the 2018 Writers’ Institute, the University of Wisconsin–Madison will help writers make sense of today’s confusing publishing landscape and find their own route to success.

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Reese Witherspoon, David Fincher Slapped with Multi-Million Dollar Suit for "Copying" Gone Girl
Reese Witherspoon made headlines in 2012 for being one of the leading forces behind the making of the $370 million-grossing film “Gone Girl.” Now the actress/producer is among a group being sued by a writer who claims the "Gone Girl" novel and screenplay is a blatant rip-off that consists of "striking and substantial similarities" to a copyright-protected screenplay she wrote 7 years earlier and shopped around to literary agents for publication.

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Easy listening
Agents are on my mind. At last week’s AudioBook Revolution conference, a number of agents raised concerns about how publishers are demanding audio rights when they also buy print. The charge was led from the podium by Curtis Brown agent Alice Lutyens, backed from the floor by her colleague Cathryn Summerhayes, and informed by agent Ivan Mulcahy. It was a debate I had been told no-one wanted to have. Now it feels urgent.

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4 Literary Magazines Every Aspiring Writer Should Subscribe To
When you are an aspiring writer, it is always important to develop your craft as the years progress. You want your writing to grow with you. Helping your writing grow could mean you spend a lot of time writing, or you have majored in the field at your chosen college.

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New Literary Agency Listing
Handles: Fiction; Nonfiction
Markets: Children's; Youth

Focuses on children's books and digital content for all ages and genres. Send query by email. See website for full guidelines.

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How to get published if you’re not in the know
Everyone who works in publishing will be familiar with the phone call in which you are asked to advise a friend or friend-of-a-friend about a book they have just written. Some people might pretend to roll their eyes or grumble a little, but it is, to be honest, one of the most gratifying of moments. We all know it. Finally, you can be of some actual use to all the people with real jobs who were always happy to offer you practical help over the years when you were reading things.
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