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Wikipedia : " I know everything "
Google : " I have everything "
Facebook : " I know everybody "
Internet : " without me u r no body "
Electricity : " Awaaz Niche "

Banta went to the emergency room with the tip of his index finger blown off. “How did this happen?” the doctor asked. “Well I was trying to commit suicide,” Banta replied. The doctor asked, “Trying to commit suicide by shooting your finger?” “No, silly! First I put the gun on my head and I thought my face would look horrible, then I put it in my mouth and I thought I just paid Rs. 1,000 to get my teeth straightened. So then I put the gun in my ear and I thought this is going to make a loud noise, so I put my finger in my other ear before I pulled the trigger.“

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Husband asks: Do u know the meaning of wife?
'Without Infomation Fighting Everytime'.
Wife on hearing replies,
It also means 'With Idiot For Ever'.

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Santa: kal main raat ko bathroom mai gaya to ander bhoot tha
Banta: to fir kya hua?
Santa: Hona kya tha main bhoot se bola tum kar lo bhai humara to vese he nikal gaya hai

Man outside phone booth : “Excuse me, you are holding phone since 29 minutes and you haven’t spoken a word”
Man inside : “I am talking to my wife”

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