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Silly Local SEO Consultant But Cool Google Review Trick

OK, so I'm going to "out" a Local SEO consultant for doing something really dumb on one of his client's sites AND teaching other consultants that it's OK to do this.
I will also bring up an important question about the big missing review problem.
This post will also show you something awesome - a VERY cool review feature many aren't aware of. (See screen shot in the post!)

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That was good for a Giggle, and really interesting about the mobile pic.

Hi +Linda Buquet - just got off the phone with a google reviews taking up to 8 weeks to be reviewed, approved and released. Might be worth sharing with your followers before they pull out all their hair wondering what's happening.
+John Oliver Coffey  Really? Wow that's interesting news. I want to check with Google and see what they say because we've been discussing review problems A LOT and I've never heard them mention that.

Was it a support rep or Adwords rep?
+Linda Buquet was a google places rep. He left me in no doubt that they were getting more stringent in applying spam filters (probably over zealous, but wouldn't get into detail) and that the review release process could take up to 8 weeks.
+John Oliver Coffey - the Google rep probably isn't an expert on local reviews and mixed up some information. Any latency from reviews appearing on a page would only last days at most. And usually they appear, disappear, and reappear. This is unrelated to spam filters that have a single review removed. If they've been removed, it is unlikely they'll 'just come back' in any time frame.
+Joel Headley thank you for that. If by "latency" you mean delay then that is contrary to what I'm seeing with new reviews for a specific business (an attorney) who purportedly (his clients said so) received two glowing reviews 2 weeks ago. Caveat - this experience is with a single business so I can't generalize that its a systemic issue. But because of the uncertainty and lack of clear guidelines of Google Reviews he is requesting his clients to submit their reviews on yahoo local, yelp and elsewhere. Btw I really am glad that google is clamping down on the reviews cheaters but when it affects the good guys then the 'do no harm' mantra rings a little hollow. 
Yes - latency = delay. I'm confused by what you're saying. How did you see the glowing reviews? Were they on the page, then removed? That would be different than what I understood you said early, which is, a review was posted and someone needed to wait 8 weeks before it went live. 
Neither we nor the public ever saw the reviews. The clients both said they had posted reviews. The issue is that neither review has appeared after 2 weeks or so. One google places rep said that reviews could take up to 8 weeks, and another google rep (adwords express, not places) told me that 10 days ago or so that one of the reviews had been approved and was set for release while the other still had to be reviewed.
If the review never appeared, it was likely stopped from appearing by a quality filter.
It is surprising, and possibly just bad luck, that both reviews were stopped. I know there are very general guidelines for reviews and that people are making intelligent guesses about the spam filters but doesn't it say something about the quality of the spam filters when real people with good intentions are having their reviews blocked for being spammy? FWIW - the Attorney in question reaches out to his recent clients every Friday to thank them for their business and request feedback on review sites. It is quite possible that the clients submitted reviews on the same day, something that I have heard can raise red flags. I have seen plenty of same day spammy reviews but when the spam filter flags non-spam then in the worst case this is going to drive away users as well as local businesses as users of google+ local.
John, I take your comments as feedback and understand the concerns you raise.
Thank you Joel. Glad to help. Count on me if you need any more feedback.
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